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  1. Yes I'm recording it since I have never seen it. Funny since im very familiar with the other 3films Hope and Ball made together
  2. It just pisses me off... Life With Lucy wasnt THAT bad.. it needed time to find its groove.
  3. I didnt go either.. and yes the closest theatre was sold out
  4. I love her in anything I see her in. I've never seen a bad Doris Day movie
  5. I had no idea about any of this!!! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Saw Lucy and The Countess at the wine tasting today on Decades... Made my morning.
  7. Isn't "Rosy".. Brian you are the king of quip!! (So are you Joey)
  8. I did not know he had a wristwatch obsession!! NOW the joke is funny to me! I was thinking "God!! They're really digging on Gary being a kept man.. how is HE even important enough to be the butt of a joke?" .. but NOW THAT IS A GOOD JOKE and that butt head laughed all the way to the bank anyhow!! In answer to your question of how the knew about his obsession... IDK because the joke was a stand alone quick quib... Maybe Rowan and Martin kept tabs on Morton Goldapper.
  9. I caught a Laugh-In the other night...(I hadn't seen since I was 3).. and in the opening they were doing a bunch of old time vaudeville type zingers... One of them went: "Boy, the husband of Lucille Ball is lucky, he has a wristwatch AND a wife that works."
  10. I hope "The Conners" fails big-time.. it's like Lucy with no Lucy
  11. Hey Miss (I always follow through) Luvsbway... Aren't you gonna post a passage or 2 that you loved from this book??? I'm just dying to read your passages and learn of your opinions on the topics.
  12. I have yet to see this. Anyone know if it is on DVD?
  13. OMG... I briefly looked this over and BELIEVED it was true at first... I now know it is a gag... YOU got me Brian
  14. I've heard she slept around too. I also knew he wanted out of the marriage.
  15. Best star material in years!! I LOVE THAT
  16. NoI know the episode it's from! 'Lucy Hires an English Tutor". I had it on while cleaning house and heard that great Desi saying "doin it the way you're doin it" and STOPPED in my tracks!!
  17. This Desi line stays with me but dang if i can recall where its from: "Honey It's a nice thought. But as usual you have no logical splanation for doin it the way your doin it."
  18. I love MOMMIE DEAREST too ,,, in fact.. THAT movie is what started my interest in JOAN CRAWFORD. YOU know something guys?? I have always thought of BETTE, JOAN and LUCY to be THE ones to love. All the other actresses from Hollywood's Golden Era are good.. but the three i mentioned seem to me to be the cornerstones of greatness. (to me anyway) And they all had fatherless childhoods, pretty blue eyes and drew their lipstick over the lip line. AND brassy bitches ... what's not to love???
  19. Well to be honest. I really started to ENJOY and LAUGH at the film after I knew about the behind the scenes story. Once I started to see it as Bette and Joan pulling out all stops to please the audience, I overcame the "darker" aspect of the picture. I watch it every Halloween and select moments now and then lol. I don't find it a HORROR picture either. I do love the tension and I can relate to the sibling rivalry lol.
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