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  1. I decided to skip ordering online and go the brick and mortar route. No luck at Walmart, Target, or FYE. My little scavenger hunt ended at Barnes and Noble where they had one copy marked at 40% off. Funny how a few years ago I wouldn't have given anything colorized the time of day. Looking forward to watching Redhead Tales since I couldn't make it to a theater last week.
  2. I enjoy "Envious" also. My mom, who is at best a casual fan, still says "It's a moo-moo" when she thinks something is strange. My favorite moment is after the "martians" leave the apartment and Ethel says to call the police and all Lucy can do is scream. It's one of those funny little moments to me.
  3. Lucy on Home Video

    My dad started taping episodes of ILL for me off Nick at Nite in the mid 90s. He also started recording a few episodes of LDCH and TLS after I showed an interest in those series. That was around the time Nick pulled TLS so I didn't get many episodes of that program. Years later I transferred from VHS to DVD several of the clever promos Nick at Nite did for ILL and TLS. When I went to my first Jamestown festivals in the early 2000s I paid an embarrassing amount of money for those Columbia House videos of TLS. But I hadn't seen most of those episodes, so I felt justified haha. Suncoast Video store came along in the late 90s/early 2000s and sold official VHS releases of ILL and public domain sets of TLS. I also got the individual volumes of ILL season one from there and the first "Best Of" HL DVD release as well. That was a great store during the golden age of TV on DVD releases. So that pretty much sums up my history of collecting Lucy on video.
  4. DVR Alerts!

    I thought it was insulting for them to theorize she had a drinking problem, as well. I found it kind of humorous that they actually spent time talking about headaches caused by her wigs.
  5. DVR Alerts!

    If you expected tabloid tv, you wouldn't be far off. Topics ranging from her teenage "mystery illness" to the "loser interview" were brought up. And I don't want to give too much away, but she was a heavy smoker. 🙄
  6. DVR Alerts!

    On a morbid note, tonight at 8pm EST on the Reelz Channel there's a program called, "Autopsy: The Last Hours of Lucille Ball".
  7. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    I found this photo at a local flea market today. The autograph looks authentic to me. If not, I still think it was a pretty good deal for $8.
  8. Lucy Sightings!

    Dick Martin was also around during the first year of The Lucy Show. That could've been enough time for him to notice it himself.
  9. Here's Lucy 50th Anniversary

    I had a bad cold over the weekend and decided to have a "Lucy" binge that included episodes from the first 3 seasons of HL. One thing I noticed is that all but 2 or 3 episodes I watched (and are some of my favorites) did not feature any guest stars. HL had it's share of good guest stars, musical numbers, etc... However I think it shines the most when it functions as a domestic situation comedy.
  10. As far as episode selections of Life with Lucy, I'd switch out "Sax Symbol" with "Love Among the Two by Fours". It had some touching moments, to me anyways. At least about one third of the series will have an official release. Who has the rights? CBS?
  11. I thought the selection of Here's Lucy episodes was odd too. None of the gems from season six, no episodes with Vivian, etc... That being said, I like the idea of these volumes and will probably end up double or with some episodes triple dipping!
  12. Copies of each episode of Life were Lucy were donated to the Lucy Desi Center. I don't remember if they were the master tapes. Why were shows filmed but edited onto tape back then considering the decline in picture quality?
  13. Specific "Lucy" Memories

    Some of my fondest Lucy memories are when my gram would babysit me at her house. Nick at Nite would almost always be on. The Lucy Show must have been on past my bedtime because I mostly remember watching it at her house. Two episodes I vividly remember watching are "Lucy Meets a Millionaire " and "Lucy Discovers Wayne Newton" (with gram gushing about Newton the whole time).
  14. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    It would be a mistake to have Darlene be the main character. Frankly, I don't think Sara Gilbert could carry a show on her own. With heavyweights like John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf already on board, it needs to be a true ensemble comedy for it to make it past its first year. Also, I hope they don't kill off Roseanne Conner. That seems too easy. Plus, although the chances are slim, the door should be open a crack for at least a cameo somewhere down the road.
  15. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    The repeat tonight will be replaced by an episode of The Middle. The season has already been pulled from Hulu and starting tomorrow the Viacom networks will pull reruns of the original series.