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  1. It would be a mistake to have Darlene be the main character. Frankly, I don't think Sara Gilbert could carry a show on her own. With heavyweights like John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf already on board, it needs to be a true ensemble comedy for it to make it past its first year. Also, I hope they don't kill off Roseanne Conner. That seems too easy. Plus, although the chances are slim, the door should be open a crack for at least a cameo somewhere down the road.
  2. The repeat tonight will be replaced by an episode of The Middle. The season has already been pulled from Hulu and starting tomorrow the Viacom networks will pull reruns of the original series.
  3. I agree that Roseanne's line delivery is, at times, more restrained. She's still sarcastic and snarky, but more subdued, if that makes sense. To me, it seems like in the last episode or two the show is finding it's footing again.
  4. After a 3 week journey my book finally made it here. This is definitely a must-have. Absolutely remarkable.
  5. Nice timeline! I'm interested in the route of the Forever Darling Special, especially to see if it went through my neck of the woods here in PA. I've found that it made stops in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but don't know if it stopped anywhere in between. My copy hasn't arrived yet and it's starting to piss me off!
  6. I remember seeing the author's mother when the center had an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Forever Darling (one of my favorite festival events I attended). I'll definitely bring my copy in August. Are there any color photos? She looked sensational in the ones I saw at the Fenton.
  7. There's a new book out about Lucy and Desi's trip to Jamestown for the premiere of Forever Darling. Looking forward to the pictures! Right now, Amazon has it for $32.75, down from the retail price of $50. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0998747467/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521067672&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=lucy+comes+home
  8. Today on CBS News Sunday Morning, critic Rex Reed mentioned about attending an Oscars party at Polly Bergen's house where he watched the show in Bergen's bed with Paul Newman on one side and Lucy on the other.
  9. Here's a very short clip from "Together for Christmas" that someone recently colorized.
  10. CBS has scheduled encore airings of "Lucy" and "Dick Van Dyke" on Christmas Eve from 8-10pm.
  11. I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show are completely off MeTV's winter schedule, effective New Years Day.
  12. I hardly think they hate Lucy considering this is a company that has had numerous DVD releases of I Love Lucy, gone to the expense of colorizing episodes and then airing these programs twice a year in network primetime. In addition to releasing The Lucy Show complete on DVD. I just think they overpriced the original retail price of the bluray sets. Same thing with Andy Griffith.
  13. I noticed that they're playing some of the more well known episodes too. Good idea especially since this could be some people's first exposure to TLS. Yesterday they played "Lucy Gets a Roommate", the 1st California era episode they've shown. Back to season one next week with "Vivian Sues Lucy". Despite having the series uncut on dvd, it's still nice to watch it on broadcast tv.
  14. Someone posted MeTV's holiday schedule on Sitcomsonline. If you want to get an early dose of Christmas cheer, both TLS Christmas episodes will air on Sunday November 12 from 4pm-5pm. After that both I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show will be pre-empted for the rest of the year as other holiday themed programs are scheduled in their slots.
  15. Over the past few days: Lucy Is a Process Server- Always liked this one. I think it would've been a good season finale. Lucy the Camp Cook- One of my favorite season three episodes. I love Lucy's delivery of some one-liners in this one. "You got a lot to learn about a kitchen, kid." Lucy Goes to Marineland- Watched this episode mostly for nostalgia. I remember watching this one with my gram back when it was on Nick at Nite.
  16. Wish I had Decades! They seem to show a lot of classic goodies. Also, it's great that TLS has been getting more airtime in recent years from Decades and MeTV.
  17. I think it started out as RTN for Retro Television Network. I remember being able to stream the Buffalo affiliate online. They aired Andy Griffith, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley among many other CBS/Paramount series, including seasons 2-6 of The Lucy Show.
  18. Did some quick research and her first testimony was on April 3, 1952, then the second one was nearly a year and a half later on September 4, 1953. So I guess things could have still been brewing in April '53.
  19. Could this possibly be from 1954? Lucy's brush with the Red Scare wasn't made public until September 1953. Either way it's heartbreaking that these feelings already existed.
  20. "Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day" is the first episode scheduled to air next Sunday. The following week it's "Lucy and Viv Are Volunteer Firemen ". I wonder if they're going to show 3 or 4 episodes from each season?
  21. I forgot I Love Lucy was still on Sundays when The Lucy Show would occasionally take over its weekday slot.
  22. It's about time they finally decided to pair up I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show. They've had the rights to both of them for years, yet never had them on the schedule at the same time.
  23. In this age of Netflix, Hulu, etc...you would think this could find a place somewhere.
  24. I enjoyed my visit, even somehow getting lost at Lake View Cemetery. I guess I drove through the wrong gate or made a wrong turn or something. Alas, I found the trail of hearts. One thing that bugged me at the museum was the display of paper artifacts (Lucy's Mame script, tv guides) under fluorescent lights. They're faded and look horrible because of it. Enjoyed The Fenton. I think I took a picture of every Lucy photo in the exhibit! Also nice to learn some history of the area. I might try to get back for the festival next year. It's been 7 years since my last one. Do they still have the Collector's Show?
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