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  1. The purse Lucy had when she married Gary can be yours for $4,000! There was also an original script for "Never Do Business with Friends" for over $1,000. There were also various tribute magazines released after her death, posters, older biographies, etc... I did snag a TLS script (Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty). I saw a box with a Lucy print sticking out. They might be getting things out for the festival. You'll have to let me know if I missed out on anything!
  2. On a road trip through northwest PA/western NY and found myself 35 miles from Jamestown. Decided to head over and stay the night. Stopped at the park in Celeron and went downtown long enough to see what goodies were at the Frame Shop. Tomorrow it's off to the museum and the Fenton History Center. Parts of roads are already being blocked off for the festival. It is strange being here without the crowds.
  3. "Leftovers" from pork that is fried. It smells good, but I can't bring myself to eat it. I have no issues with hot dogs though, go figure. Anyway, I think it's a cool idea to have a "From the Kitchen of Miss Ball" food tasting lol.
  4. In the appendix of Lee Tannen's book there's a list of some of her favorite foods. There's jello with mayo and a cherry, tapioca pudding, etc...Spam is also listed which ties in with scrapple, I guess. She was a brave woman, I've lived in PA my whole life and have yet to try scrapple.
  5. I'm a bit pessimistic about these releases after reading reviews about the Tim Conway set. Most of the episodes had some or all of the music numbers deleted. One episode apparently clocked in at 31 minutes when it should have been around 50.
  6. Just stumbled on Lucy's episode which is on right now! (2pm est)
  7. There's a channel called JLTV that just started showing reruns of The Danny Kaye Show. They showed the first episode tonight and you can unmistakably hear Lucy and Gary laughing in the audience throughout the show.
  8. Does anyone know when "The Desilu Revue" was filmed? I'm guessing it would have had to have been sometime in the fall of '59 to be ready by Christmas. Lucy definitely had a lot on her plate that autumn if she had to film the remaining LDCHs, on top of all the time she put in to "Revue", plus an increasingly difficult personal life.
  9. Someone has colorized brief snippets of some 50s and 60s series and posted them to YouTube. I think they look quite good. I Love Lucy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IbL-VUZmL30 The Lucy Show: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eyLAaD7Mp9o
  10. My copy arrived today and I watched the first two episodes. So far, it's pretty entertaining. Barbara has some great "sight" gags (sorry) as the nearsighted Loco. The video quality isn't quite as good as some of CBS' releases of other classic series, but it does look like the episodes were cleaned up a little at some point. I'm really looking forward to digging into this series.
  11. Amazon has season one listed as being in stock, so I went ahead and got it. They're still taking pre-orders for season two and the complete series.
  12. I have Directv, but I bought a set of rabbit ears so I could pull in some of the sub stations. Unfortunately, Decades is one channel I don't get. I love Antenna TV! I'm really looking forward to their marathon of The Jack Benny Program on New Year's Eve (Lucy's guest appearance is scheduled).
  13. At least some of the shows without an audience were given preview screenings. The book "For the Love of Lucy" has some of the tickets for these screenings. Racehorse was Jan. 16, 1958, Alaska was Jan. 26, 1959, Japan was Nov. 11, 1959. I agree Japan had the potential to be a classic. Had the circumstances been different, I think an audience would have given everyone's performance an extra boost and would have helped with the timing. Going back to the first season of hour shows I'm surprised at how busy the fall of '57 was for the gang. With filming one in late September, starting location work on another by mid October, finishing the studio filming the next month, and getting another in the can by the end of the year. Not to mention the purchase of RKO happening at the same time!
  14. I've been curious about the filming dates for the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, so I've been searching the internet along with several books. Wikipedia has information for several of the episodes, but I don't put much stock in that site. Here's what I've been able to gather for the 1957-1958 season: "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana"- June 28, 1957 "The Celebrity Next Door"- September 27, 1957 "Lucy Hunts Uranium"- November 15, 1957 (for studio portions) I found an article from October 27, 1957 that mentioned Lucy and company heading to Las Vegas to film location footage. "Lucy Wins a Racehorse"- December 1957? I came across a brief article from December 28, 1957 where Harry James mentions that he recently worked on an upcoming Lucy special. "Lucy Goes to Sun Valley"- February 1958 There are numerous articles from early February that mentions Lucy's stunt double breaking her leg while filming on location. This at least gives a time frame for the filming. If anyone is able to make corrections or add any additional information, I'd appreciate it.
  15. It is cool that ILL, TLS, and HL will all be on tv again on a regular basis. When's the last time that's happened?!
  16. Beginning Monday, May 30, The Lucy Show will be taking over I Love Lucy's weekday morning slot at 6:30am EST. I Love Lucy will continue to air Sunday afternoons from 4pm-5pm EST. If you happen to be an early bird then you're in luck.
  17. Hazel was only filmed in black and white during the 1961-62 season, a year before Danfield came into existence. So, I'm kinda curious as to what name is underneath the sticker.
  18. I was flipping through channels this morning and came across the last 15 minutes of it. It seemed pretty standard. The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy were summed up in about a minute. It said CBS canceled TLS so Lucy came back with HL. That doesn't even make sense.
  19. There's a documentary called, "Lucy: Queen of Comedy" that is supposed to air Sunday afternoon at 3pm EST on a channel called Newsmax. http://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/707594
  20. I think "Miss Brooks" was a full Desilu production, not entirely sure. According to the CBS Syndication Bible, new high def syndication masters were recently made of the show. Rumor is that MeTV will be adding it to its schedule at some point. Here's a link to the syndication bible, interesting stuff: http://syndicationbible.cbstvd.com/whnjs.htm
  21. Here you go: http://www.metv.com/verymerry
  22. "Choir master" is scheduled to air on Christmas night as an alternate to the Andy Griffith Christmas episode. If a local station in your area already has the rights to air Andy than Lucy will be shown. What I'm looking forward to is the Thanksgiving episode of Our Miss Brooks airing next Wednesday at 9pm and a Christmas episode airing December 21 at 9:30pm.
  23. Here we are nearly a year later and Together for Christmas is actually scheduled to air November 17th at 9:30pm. Apparently MeTV is starting even earlier this year with their Christmas episodes.
  24. I did some checking and this one aired late April 2003 and was called, "Secrets: Lucy-TV's Comedy Queen". I remember a segment on the museum on another program. It may have been about celebrity museums.
  25. I think they were filming for this in Jamestown the first time I was there back in August 2002. At the beginning of the Lucytown tour, a guy with a camera got on the bus and had the guide say, "Good morning Lucy fans" and we had to reply "Good morning". We had to do this 3 or 4 times before the camera guy was satisfied.
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