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  1. Wish I had this channel. Up to now, the best Lucy marathon, in my opinion, was when MeTV showed 72 hous of ILL, TLDCH, and TLS during her 100th birthday weekend.
  2. When that 5:00 whistle blows; so do I!

  3. Mystery solved! http://59lucylane.com/component/virtuemart/?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=509&category_id=109&Itemid=126
  4. If colorization helps get a 60+ year old show a few prime time airings on a major network each year, that's an impressive feat. In my case I tend to forget about the color (or black and white) and just get caught up watching the genius that is this woman. If more people feel the same way as a result of added color, then it's all worth it. We can always help them appreciate the art of black and white later lol.
  5. I always tape my Christmas special in advance so I can spend it with my sister in Florida. She's kind of a creep, but she has a pool.

    1. Brock


      It's called "Yuletide Yummies for Worldwide Tummies"! :D

    2. Neil


      One of my all-time favorite Sue Ann lines. Between the two sentences doesn't Mary say "Ah, that's nice"?

  6. Here's the schedule of Christmas episodes to air on MeTV. Unfortunately, neither TLS episode made the cut. http://metvnetwork.com/metv-s-christmas-conundrum
  7. I believe it's Roddy McDowall beside Lucy and James Aubrey (then head of CBS programming) beside Judy,
  8. I remember Frank Gorey speaking at a Jamestown festival saying that at one point during Wildcat, Desi met up with Lucy after a show and as Frank put it, he "thought things would be very different in the morning". But they weren't.
  9. I find myself watching season three more than season two. I love Camp Cook, My Fair Lucy, Disc Jockey, among many others. I like season two, but for some reason I mostly watch episodes from earlier in that season.
  10. Yes sir, Spangle's Soda Pop. You really should drink that stuff.

    1. Brock


      Thank you, Spot.

  11. I didn't know Lucy switched between a wig and real hair in Beauty Doctor. I just assumed it was entirely wigs by that point. Now I have to watch that one.
  12. She also used her own hair in the Crazy Crunch episode. I think she had a chefs hat on for that one too. Did she keep her wig on for "Barbershop Quartet"? It kind of looks like it. Glad I'm not the only one that watches TLS and wonders if she has a wig on or not.
  13. I love this chair! Just love it! The chair has a sense of humor.

    1. Neil
    2. rickylu


      "Where Is My Wondering Mother..."

    3. Neil


      Thought so. Seemed like an ad lib.


  14. That's too bad. It was nice to stop in and look around between events.
  15. Do they still have the Collectors Show? I'd usually set a little money aside just for that.
  16. Lucy, they think that we?? That I?? Well!!! :)

  17. I likes to do what takes my fancy, what takes my fancy I likes to do.

  18. The third one from the bottom just became one of my favorites, love it.. Darn watermarks though!
  19. I also grew up with only the heart on satin opening and the kaleidoscope opening from TLS for that matter. I agree that it's nice to have every version available.
  20. I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incrimidate me.

  21. I'd like to know how two first season episodes managed to fall through the cracks when the majority of pd episodes came from the fifth and sixth seasons. I think someone at Paramount must have made a huge mistake since episodes of Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies, etc fell into public domain as well.
  22. I mean compared with how she looked in some of the LDCHs and the promo shots for some of those episodes to how she looked in candid photos at home, parties, etc, I like her with her own hair. Her hair always seemed a little longer and softer than the wigs.
  23. When I see pictures of her from the late 1950s, I always tend to like the the ones with her own hair rather than ones where she's wearing a wig. I think the style of her real hair was somehow more flattering. I think she could've waited a while longer before she switched to the wigs/contraption.
  24. Lucy could also tour Highclere Castle and wreck the filming of Downton Abbey.
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