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  1. (CRUNCH) "What are you eating?!!"

  2. Betty please, pick up your...hash blacks.

  3. I prefer to call it a monumental conclusion. lol
  4. Is it part of the steering wheel from the Ricardos' Pontiac?
  5. Ralph Waite, best known as John Walton on "The Waltons", has died at the age of 85. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/waltons-actor-ralph-waite-dead-680278
  6. Hold on to your ta tas Frannie!

  7. The sunshine has got to be spending the winter in Palm Springs. It sure as heck hasn't been around the northeast very much.
  8. Here's MeTV's tribute, featuring an appearance by Vivian Bagley. http://metvnetwork.com/videos/metv-promos/me-tv-remembers-shirley-temple
  9. That's her old home...She's married to Mr. Black now.

  10. Currently Me-TV's website is streaming some first season episodes of The Lucy Show. However, they are the syndicated versions that Me-TV broadcasts when they actually air the show. They are also streaming episodes of, among others, The Mothers in Law and The Doris Day Show. http://metvnetwork.com/videos
  11. I noticed that on the DVD insert it said Black Belt Mama was the last episode to feature Quince, but he wasn't shown in that or the episode before it. Still, compared to the hacked up first season released several years ago, these releases are MUCH better.
  12. I got the second season of Mama's Family for Christmas and love it (aside from the packaging). My favorites have to be Rashomama and Mama Learns to Drive. If anyone doesn't like Alaister Quince then "boo on you". I like the little voice overs during the end credts too.
  13. Wait a minute...Reta Shaw was younger than Lucy!?! I'm in shock and denial over this. lol
  14. I just read that Joseph Ruskin, who appeared in several classic tv shows including The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy, died on December 28 at the age of 89. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/actor-joseph-ruskin-dies-at-668025
  15. Together for Christmas is my favorite, hands down. The depiction of the two families celebrating Christmas with different traditions is hilarious and touching. I agree about the ending. The admiration Lucy and Vivian had for each other is crystal clear in that scene.
  16. At a Jamestown festival, several years ago, Gregg Oppenheimer played audio recorded at his father's farewell party. If I'm remembering correctly, it featured Lucy, Desi, and Vivian singing a tribute to Jess to the tune of Forever Darling. I'd love to hear that again!
  17. As much as I'm looking forward to this, I'll wait until it's on sale at Gimbels basement lol.
  18. I can picture Lucy, Kim and the gang, along with guest star Carol Burnett, putting on a Christmas program at an orphanage or shelter. To top it off Harry, dressed as Santa, would do a cartwheel across the stage!
  19. Ziegfeld Follies is on tonight at 9:15 on TCM.
  20. If CBS has no problem releasing Joanie Loves Chachi (coming in February), then I don't know what the deal is with LWL.
  21. My favorite is "My Fair Lucy". I love the scene where the Countess "draws" a map on Lucy's back. "Will you go south again?"
  22. Craig's drivers ed. instructor to Lucy: "Fasten your seatbelt...over your MOUTH!"
  23. Altoona is very popular with train enthusiasts. It kind of reminds me of Jamestown in that it was once a bustling city of industry, but now it's heydays are long gone. Anyways, I also like Lucy Wants a Career from LDCH as well. I think it's the last of the really good comedy hours.
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