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  1. Bye everyone. this looks like my last post on this forum.

  2. Apart from Gale and William Lanteau (who is also very good in NEWHART) the rest of the cast were dire. I wonder if it had made to a short lived season would Lucille have guest starred (a Mother Superior ?? )
  3. There are thousands of these weird books on Amazon usually of only a handful of pages at ridiculous prices with equally daft covers. No reviews - probably because for a change most people seem to stay clear of such dubious items
  4. Supposedly Sid Caesar and Phil Silvers were almost unemployable in the late 60s owing to alcoholism (according to "The Lucy Book")
  5. Seems it is DVD authoring according to reviews of other DVDs which have this. On MOVES TO NBC it isn't too noticable.
  6. Combing as in horizontal lines across the image. If you go to DVDbeaver.com a lot of their reviews mentions combing in the visuals of several DVDs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlaced_video
  7. Watching this now. Light and frothy TV entertainment. Gale is the best guest star in it. On a technical note, the special has a lot of "combing" throughout
  8. It was a good film, although rather overlong at 2hr 10m
  9. Can't see a thread for this 1974 movie. Watching this DVD right now. A weird musical comedy, seems to be very disjointed at the beginning. Gets better as it goes along, with some "lucy" laughs thrown in here and there. Bea Arthur is very good, pity they didn't work after this (did they ?)
  10. its the name of one of the Desilu Studios, there was Gower, Culver, and Cahaenga

  11. happy birthday desilugower.

    What's the "gower" part of your name from?

  12. by the way, ioffer.com has it for just under $19 - though i don't know if it is the DVD release or an offair recording.
  13. Any reason why you wouldn't want a used one? and the 90.95 is not euro by the way, it's pound sterling and is about $145. The used one works out at $21
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