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  1. Bye everyone. this looks like my last post on this forum.

    1. JoeySoCal


      Why what's up??


  2. happy birthday desilugower.

    What's the "gower" part of your name from?

  3. Mrs Carmichael, brace yourself!!

  4. Greetings from Wales (in the UK)

  5. This is my sister in law, Lucille. Ah Loosilly.

    1. Brock


      And he carried me a long-a long-a way home...

    2. mark bale

      mark bale

      I thought "loosilly" was a very funny line

  6. Meanie is a Mooney

    1. Robert13


      Hiii Sherman, look, it's me. I'm on television.

  7. News on The Lucy show S4 seems to have dried up.....

    1. mikidiki


      Don't speak 2 soon Mark ;-)

    2. mark bale

      mark bale

      Since my post, they have given a date, no word on full extras yet though

  8. Merry Christmas to all Lucy fans. And a Happy New year (should be with the DVDs)

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