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  1. They showed a string of pearls worn by Lucille Ball at the Hollywood Museum in L.A. And yes, I saw that episode of Mythbusters! They debunked Miss Ball's story. She did have a tendency to make things up.
  2. Lucille Ball was the focus of one segment of Travel Channel's 'Mysteries at the Museum.' It was a recounting of Miss Ball's claim that one of her tooth fillings was picking up Japanese Morse code in 1942. An actress played Lucille Ball and there were some still photos of her. Here are the upcoming airdates. https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/mysteries-at-the-museum/episodes/the-witch-is-back-edisons-little-monsters-and-i-love-toothy
  3. Many thanks! Lucy was just as hilarious with her voice only!
  4. How do I keep missing these magazines? When I go to the store I always look for Lucy covers. Thanks for showing the image!
  5. Yes, and I'm tempted to buy just to see the bloopers! My friends and I watched some on VHS way back. I'm curious if there will be any more than were shown on the three network clip shows?
  6. I'm not as excited by the news of Laugh In on DVD as I might've been a few months ago. The broadcast channel Decades has been airing the hour long Laugh In , including the rare pilot and sixth seasons, so my curiosity about the show has been satisfied.
  7. It seems that people who tried to make Lucille laugh failed, and didn't 'get' her sense of humor. But someone like Betty White said funny things sort of off-hand and cracked her up, like on Password. And Gale Gordon, when he ad libbed the line about doorknobs, on Here's Lucy.
  8. Seeing this at the store was a great surprise! I always scan the magazine section for Lucy
  9. That's tempting. I look for Lucy on Blu-Ray when I'm in Half Price Books, but haven't found it yet. Thanks for the link!
  10. Truthfully, I would only have bought season four of I Love Lucy on Bluray. I want to see the deleted/special footage put back into the episodes. If they could do this with a regular DVD release, I'd buy that too.
  11. I went to Barnes & Noble for a different magazine, but they were out of it. But, having seen tribute magazines of John Wayne and Carol Burnett, I scanned the tops of all the magazines in the entertainment section, because I had a hunch, and there this was! You know you're a Lucy fan when you recognize her by just an inch of her hair!
  12. A channel in Milwaukee aired The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour when I was a kid in the late 70s. I remember a scene of Lucy playing the drums in competition with Ricky, and the scene where Lucy is locked into a suit of armor while she's smoking. I don't have memories of any other hour long shows until the We Love Lucy specials aired. I was so excited to see them in the TV listings! This Milwaukee channel also aired the black and white episodes of Bewitched, years before Nick at Nite. And during The Brady Bunch, they aired an original network promo for the episode "Out of This World." I distinctly remember seeing Mrs. Brady, Bobby, and the two space aliens previewing the show. I was flabbergasted to see this during a syndicated episode! And I haven't found any evidence of this online.
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