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  1. This movie seems to be taking so long to get going, it wouldn't be surprising to me to hear they are "shoveling the picture" a la Don Juan.....
  2. I'm reading a book I found at a thrift shop called The Fifty Year Mission. It's all about Star Trek. It mentioned that Lucy had to sell Desilu because Star Trek basically bankrupted the studio. I had never heard of that before. It also said if she could have held on through the next season all would have been well. Any basis to that? I always thought she wanted out as she didn't want to own a studio anyway.
  3. I found (what I consider to be) an obscure Desilu filmed sitcom "Love and Marriage" on Amazon Prime. It stars Uncle Charlie himself, William Demarest, as the owner of a music publishing company. I can't imagine much interest in it today, but it was intriguing to me as it has references to some of the music I still listen to. Stubby Kaye who was in Lil Abner and Guys and Dolls was on the show. Louis Edelman was the producer and copyright holder.He was a writer and producer and worked with Astaire and Cagney in his earlier years. It aired on NBC in 1959 and probably hasn't been seen since! You can tell it was filmed at Desilu as the credits feature familiar names and the film technique looks very Lucy-esque. Anyone ever heard of this or watched it before?
  4. Moviegoers showed their love for Lucille Ball in a big way on Tuesday. I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration grossed $777,645 from 660 theaters across the country, enough to beat out Aladdin and come in No. 6 at the domestic box office. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-i-love-lucy-tribute-screenings-score-huge-business-1230045
  5. Can't stand seeing Lucy on Hallmark as it is sped up everyone sounds like they are on steroids.
  6. Sold out crowd at our theater in Florida. Lots of Lucy T shirt wearers in the crowd and a few women dressed like Lucy! No technical difficulties and we got our poster. Loved the amazing details in the clothes. Lucy never looked lovelier (as Fred would say ....well... I can't argue with that......). I am glad they didn't tinker with the opening and closing music and of course loved hearing "I Love Lucy is a Desilu Production" blaring through the theater. I like the opening heart sequence someone did on Youtube better but other than that an A+. The mini documentary was excellent as well. Good to see Tom Watson. I remember when he started up the We Love Lucy fanclub back in the 1970s and still have all of the hand made magazines he made back then. They might be worth a fortune by now.
  7. Another Wondaful special. Love the colors and I agree this is the best colorization yet. Wish CBS would put this on every week...or maybe a limited series like "Lucy In Connecticut." My only beef, I don't like that announcing at the beginning..........but IF you insist on an announcer where is "also seen tonight Frank Nelson....etc etc. etc. and of course "I Love Lucy is a Desilu Production"?
  8. I guess there will be no new Desilu Productions! (I was hoping that we could at least get a Desilu logo shirt or hat....) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/cbs-alleges-man-used-lucille-balls-old-studio-trick-investors-1156709
  9. Gary wasn't on the Cavett show I was referred to.........Yesterday I watched Merv Griffin from the same year and Gary, Lucie, Desi Jr and Gale were all on. Lucy was radiant and very cordial so either she wasn't a Cavett fan or was having a bad day.........
  10. Spirit in the wood beat the hollow cane Spirit in the wood take away the pain Make the body ripe and alive again I similau (I similau, I similau) Spirit in the heart make the blood flow fast Spirit in the heart make the beauty last Keep the hope alive when the youth go past I similau (I similau, I similau) When my lover comes upon the scene Drop a petal from the tree Fling the mountain up into the sky Fill the river with the sea Spirit in the wood let the hollow cane Echo in the afterglow Waiting for the flame to burn again I similau
  11. I was watching the interview Lucy did with Dick Cavett on his show in 1974 for Mame. She didn't seem to be too interested in being there. They showed a couple of clips from I Love Lucy and Cavett was explaining why they could only show a minute long clip and that the were shown courtesy of Viacom. Lucy shrugged her shoulders with a look of "who cares." She gave some very curt answers. I wanted to say "come on Lucy!" Anyhow, Cavett was gracious and she said she enjoyed it when it was all over. She definitely didn't want to act the happy guest and seemed really disinterested in the whole affair.
  12. Some of you may know about this but....I'm always on the lookout for something "new" from Lucy that I never saw before. This Youtube find has to be one of the strangest and bizarre programs. Lucy appears with Dinah Shore on a TV special...trying to be Hep......(not to be confused with Hip). Awkward to watch this show that was obviously trying to be Laugh-In with Dinah. A rerun of Milligan's Chicken Mash Hour would be more to my liking..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbpq244f4F0
  13. Did you see "On the Waterfront". Won the Academy Award you know...

  14. Oops, I hit the button before I was done and it posted (any way to edit your original posts?). The title is actually "Last member of Desi's orchestra dies". I found this on line today and don't recall seeing it here. I never heard of Mr. Terran.
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