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  1. At least it wasn't Dezi Arnez
  2. Overall it was pretty boring. I was very anticipatory eager but it was a let down. In fact our internet went out during the last 20 minutes and my first thoughts were “good, I can go to bed and watch the rest tomorrow!” Early in the movie they lost their credibility when the crew was getting ready to TAPE an episode. TAPE? There wasn’t any tape in 1953........Come on. Nobody caught that? Other funny things I noticed....like when they re-created Lucy’s radio show the original script said it was the “gay new family series starring Lucille Ball with Richard Denning.” Of course they left the word GAY out! Too funny. The whole thing was very contrived. Lucy calling a “secret” meeting alone with Viv and Bill to go over a scene in the middle of the night at the studio. The chemistry between Lucy and Desi was amazing in real life. Here Lucy was a driven bitch. Way too much bickering between the writers and the stars and between the stars themselves. I don’t think it would happen that way or they wouldn’t get anything done. They obviously put together various events into one week that happened various years. Even the show they were shooting when Lucy was exposed as a Communist wasn’t the show they were actually doing that week. Westinghouse was their sponsor in the hour long shows. They made it sound like Westinghouse was a sponsor of the 1/2 hour series which wasn’t true. The actor who played Desi was waaay too old. And too tall...Desi was much younger than Lucy and this guy looked like an older man. Desi had to wear elevator shoes in real life on the show. William Frawley was portrayed as Lucy’s chum and even took her to the bar...just the two of them. No way..... That’s my take on it...They sure gave it a lot of publicity so it will probably win a lot of awards but as my wife said “Lucy would turn over in her grave if she saw this.” I agree. The truth is that most younger people don’t even know who Lucy is so to them this will be the new truth which is sad. I recommend Lucie Arnaz’s Home Movies documentary. Much more interesting and not a bunch of hype.
  3. I was amazed at the numbers of younger (and even older) people commenting on Amazon's Ricardoes movie who said they had never seen I Love Lucy or didn't know who Lucy and Desi were. I guess the constant reruns of my youth aren't around anymore...and CBS isn't even doing the colorized Christmas anymore. This forum doesn't seem to be as active. Yes there are some projects out there but sad to say Lucy and Desi seem to be passing into the past history..... Any thoughts? I hate to see that the Amazon movie will be all people know about my favorite couple...
  4. I'm pretty sure they used the clip of the audio interview I posted on Youtube from the Lou Gordon Show which I recorded on my cassette player when Desi was in Detroit doing a book promo for "A Book." Glad they were able to use it but it would have been nice to be acknowledged on the credits! I could have been famous....
  5. I found this very interesting Youtube video showing Desi's Palm Springs home and then a visit to the motel he started. Wow, what a great place for a Lucy fan or Lucy convention. I was amazed at the beautiful wondaful pictures of our famous duo.
  6. Anyone know why there is no scheduled Lucy Colorized Christmas special this year? Seems like it was always highly rated and anticipated. Especially this year with all of the drama surrounding 2020, it would have been a breath of colorized fresh air.
  7. Seems like every time I do a Google News search for I Love Lucy there is another I Love Lucy related "news" story from Cheatsheet.com...mostly old dredged up stuff any Lucy fan already knows, but interesting nonetheless that our favorite show is such a passion for them. The latest one is here on the episode Bon Voyage: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/inside-the-most-expensive-episode-of-i-love-lucy.html/
  8. I found this on line today, Lucy cosmetics! When I say the name Lucille Ball, a very specific image probably enters your mind: ginger ringlets, pale complexion, big lashes, and bright red lips. This month, the iconic actress's signature look will be translated to a retro makeup collection by — you guessed it — Besamé Cosmetics. On June 25, you can snag up to seven products the brand says are exact matches to the makeup Ball wore back in her day. Similar to the lipsticks, Lucy's Face Powder Compact is encased in gold with an etching of Ball. Inside you'll find a mattifying pressed powder you can use to set your makeup and blot oil throughout the day or night. Lastly, Lucy's Pencil Set contains two eyeliner pencils (a brown for the lash line and a white for the waterline) and a bright red lip pencil to match Love That Redhead. Those who purchase the collection as a bundle (which costs $150) will be gifted two additional and exclusive products: an I Love Lucy tote bag and a set of false lashes the brand says "are based on the exact size, shape, and color that Lucille Ball wore." The Besamé Cosmetics Lucille Ball Collection is available on June 25 from besamecosmetics.com. https://www.allure.com/story/besame-cosmetics-lucille-ball-collection
  9. I posted this a long time ago via a dropbox link but it is long gone. Now I put it on Youtube. It's Desi from 1977 during his Detroit book tour. Recorded on my trusty old cassette recorder...audio only of course and crackly as ever but hope you enjoy it. First, a morning show live interview, then an appearance on the Lou Gordon Show (a local show with a controversial talk show host who gets Desi a bit upset). At the end you also get to hear a "I Love Lucy" tease and the Kaiser Broadcasting System jingle. I got to see Desi during this tour. He was autographing his book at Northland Mall. I was 13 years old and of course after watching him on "I Love Lucy" every day he sure did look old and haggard in 1977 ...but his charm and wit still showed. What an impressive man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr6ybfLXn7U
  10. Thank you for this offer. Sounds like a great gift. We are watching "I Love Lucy" nightly to help us through the Corona nightmare. It actually has pre-empted watching the news which is also a good thin (as Desi would say...)
  11. Found this on Youtube today. Desi sure didn't look healthy but he still was a fascinating and articulate man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDL9s4T3Pds
  12. Here's a Youtube preview. I have never watched this show but will be watching this next week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwObjo7TtHE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0bnpPyabq61TYAat9A70uDAkAEt729mAiJLgR3vXCdw0MDqvld-uJxakY
  13. This movie seems to be taking so long to get going, it wouldn't be surprising to me to hear they are "shoveling the picture" a la Don Juan.....
  14. I'm reading a book I found at a thrift shop called The Fifty Year Mission. It's all about Star Trek. It mentioned that Lucy had to sell Desilu because Star Trek basically bankrupted the studio. I had never heard of that before. It also said if she could have held on through the next season all would have been well. Any basis to that? I always thought she wanted out as she didn't want to own a studio anyway.
  15. I found (what I consider to be) an obscure Desilu filmed sitcom "Love and Marriage" on Amazon Prime. It stars Uncle Charlie himself, William Demarest, as the owner of a music publishing company. I can't imagine much interest in it today, but it was intriguing to me as it has references to some of the music I still listen to. Stubby Kaye who was in Lil Abner and Guys and Dolls was on the show. Louis Edelman was the producer and copyright holder.He was a writer and producer and worked with Astaire and Cagney in his earlier years. It aired on NBC in 1959 and probably hasn't been seen since! You can tell it was filmed at Desilu as the credits feature familiar names and the film technique looks very Lucy-esque. Anyone ever heard of this or watched it before?
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