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  1. Thanks for the info. There was a man that looked like he could be someone I know sitting in the back row, but he was in the Navy not the Army.
  2. Does anyone know where this photo comes from?? What is everyone watching, a sporting event?
  3. Dean Martin and Jack Benny worked with Lucy many times, would imagine they were close friends.
  4. My cable deleted Cozi TV recently, good thing there are DVDs.
  5. Haven't heard about Florida before. Watched on Youtube last month that she had a house in Arizona?
  6. That would be great if someone can post a video of the episode. I asked Get TV if they can re-air the episode in the future.
  7. Wow, beautiful pictures. Congrats to Kate and Jeff!!! Happy to have met Kate in 2008 in CA. very nice young lady.
  8. The actress doesn't really look like "Lucy" to me. She does look a little like Estelle G. with red hair.
  9. I can relate... I remember playing Trivial Pursuit once I think back in 1990 and had a "Lucy" question. My cousin said "who is that"? I was shocked...lol.
  10. In one Tabloid I saw in the grocery store a few days ago said Lucy gave up a son for adoption because she was 17 and forced to give him up.
  11. Flipped through it in the store. Love the photos, some have seen before, but still were beautiful.
  12. Sending my condolences to Desi and the Arnaz Family. Very nice woman!!
  13. Would love to see this musical. Hoping Lucie will still do the tour after broadway and come to Ohio in February. Watched the Oct 2 interview above Lucie made me laugh, the interviewer should have asked her more questions about Pippin.
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