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  1. I suppose so, it's just that the first two Blu-ray sets were such amazing things and archives of all things it would be a shame to lose that for the rest of the series. Yes, a lot is already available on the DVDs and I have those but the Blu-rays added so much more. I'm sure there are just as many things if not more still in the vaults for the other seasons and shows.
  2. Thank you! So which episodes are still missing? And do they exist?
  3. In a Season 2 episode of the Netflix series Fuller House (continuation of the '90s sitcom Full House) that just premiered this Friday, there is a very cool homage or a subplot involving ILL. Check out the episode "Curse of Tanner Manor". Fun stuff!
  4. I don't recall the words "cancelled" outright. On hiatus was the phrasing, I believe. But for how long?
  5. Those in the know, are there any rumblings yet behind the scenes on Season 3 yet?
  6. Too long? There are videos on YouTube that are hours long! Must be something in your account's settings.
  7. I'm fully with you, great kudos to CBS for the full season sets of Lucy's shows, but my collection won't be complete until each season of each series is released in an Ultimate blu-ray edition, and yes, I want LWL, too! For a more weighty set, CBS can add "The Lucie Arnaz Show" as a bonus
  8. By the way, it's not like TV on Blu-ray is dead, not by a long shot: http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=19345 Maybe CBS needs to outsource the work to another company, but keeping the same restoration and research team.
  9. It's been almost a year since Season Two. Is there any twinkle of hope that Season Three and on are back on the schedule?
  10. I am very much the same. I'm still holding out hope that the ultimate blu-ray sets will continue sooner or later, because as an American treasure and institution, every frame of Lucy needs to be preserved for future generations.
  11. These should be included on the eventual Season 5 Ultimate bluray set, I'll wait for that Not a big fan of colorization anyway...
  12. I'm just hoping that when (not if) the blurays resume, they will be the same ultimate quality with all first-broadcast features and every other imaginable piece of Lucy footage we can find!
  13. It's just that these blu-ray sets were more than just seasons. They were these amazing archival packages that preserved pretty much every scrap of Lucy stuff from that year. The ability to watch the first-run episodes is a treasure of historic proportions and this needs to continue before all that material is lost to time for good.
  14. Whoever made that decision needs to be fired now.
  15. We need to preserve all off Lucy's output on these ultimate archival packages, every frame, for future generations! Shame on CBS.
  16. Hey you're a month early with the April Fools!
  17. We absolutely must get the rest of Lucy's shows in these archival packages!
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