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  1. Great performance by Lucie Arnaz. Also one of my biggest pet peeves that makes me cringe is the all-too-common mispronunciation of Arnaz. Note the proper pronunciation of the name at the beginning of this video by the lady introducing her, as well as by Lucie herself at 4:49. No, I'm not telling you to roll your R's if you can't do that, but at least do not pronounce it as if there's an E in the second syllable. And note also that the Spanish Z is pronounced like an S. There is no Z sound in either Desi or Arnaz or any Spanish word. Thank you. By the way, Lucie could barely speak Spanish not too long ago from what I've seen. She's obviously been studying and has come a long way! Her dad would be so proud! At the end she introduces Natalie Cole, who passed away a year or so ago. I think this event was in 2013.