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Found 6 results

  1. Good Evening! I wanted to announce that the iconic website, imcrazyforlucy.com is currently been given new life and a new design with even more items in our inventory! We have anything a Lucille Ball or I Love Lucy collector would be interested in! Lucille Ball personally owned items, props from I Love Lucy, Magazines, Advertisements, Collector Plates, Collector Dolls, Trading Cards, Porcelain Lucy Revival, Novelty items, rare Ricky Jr vintage collectibles, records, William Frawley and Vivian Vance personally owned items.....and EVEN MORE! Excited to share with all of you in the next couple of weeks with more details to come!
  2. Lucy the (War) Bond Woman

    I recently watched Lucy's speech for the 25th anniversary of the war bond and something struck me. When she talks about actresses getting involved because they were war wives, she does not mention that she, too, was a war wife.
  3. Lucy's Timeless Beauty

    Does anyone think that the woman in the Dasani water commercial looks much like a 1930s Lucy? View the ad here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCBMNwvVSTQ
  4. Best Lucille Ball portrayal

    Who do you think has portrayed Lucy best? We're not talking accuracy, writing, or plot of various projects, just the portrayal of Lucy. I go with Frances Fischer.
  5. Lucy The Calendar Girl?

    On One Of The Lucy Show DVDs There Is A Picture Of A Script And It Says That Lucy Said No To An Episode Called "Lucy The Calendar Girl", Does Anybody Know What This Episode Would Have Been About,Or Why Lucy Turned It Down? Was It Because It Concerned Lucy Posing For A Saucy Calendar?
  6. just found the new i love lucy magazines today at the stores. check it out don t know how to post pics of it sorry!!!!!!!! talk to ya later.long time posting on the broad!!!! nite yall.