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Lucy A to Z -- A!

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Brock    3,373

New Game! How about a variation of Word Association.


Since it is close enough to the first of the month, let's work our way through the alphabet one letter per month (or until we have completely run out!) of persons, places and things assocated with Lucy, any of the shows, co-stars, episode titles, etc., beginning with the letter A, going one at a time, with a little blurb beside it of which episode it's from, how the person is associated with Lucy, etc.


If we're still going at the end of the month, someone can take it upon themselves to start a new thread for "B" on November 1.


Okay? Let's roll!

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leenorman    506

Anniversary Pearls - 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. Hallmark Channel 11 Western NY - The Anniversary Present - 'cheating' with Grace Foster - 10/4/11

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