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It's the little things they do together...

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JoeySoCal    1,005
On 2/17/2019 at 10:50 AM, Neil said:

"No Children Allowed" is really a wonderful episode.  Nothing outlandish happens.  The plot moves along briskly and plenty of true-to-life laughs along the way.  The "little things...." in this episode that I've never noticed before:  the very last shot of Mrs. Trumball holding the baby.  It's quick but when the camera zooms in as Mrs. T is saying her "don't worry, you'll always have me" speech, she looks up from the baby and gives the 4 a quick side glance  look.  So real and a perfect ending to this perfect little episode.  And it sets up that Mrs. Trumble would, in the future be their on-call willing baby-sitter.   I wish during the Europe arc, they had had a "Meanwhile Back in New York" episode with Trumble and Mrs. M. ( where scatterbrained Mrs. M brings the wrong "baby" home from nursery school and the two panic.)    Spin-off material!


Inspired! :HALKING:

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Mot Morenzi    1,466

In the opening scene of "The Fashion Show," I love Ethel's blasé reaction to Fred's coughing fit. The resigned look on her face as if to say "what else is new?" is so well done. Nobody could do the long-suffering wife facial expressions like Vivian. 

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