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9 hours ago, Freddie2 said:
His passing made me remember something- has anyone else seen his LWL episode listed as both “...Legal Eagle” and “...Legal Beagle”? Was this just a typo that cropped up? I’m not familiar with whatever idiom the title came from.

“Lucy, Legal Eagle” is the official title, according to the original script. 


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4 hours ago, Mot Morenzi said:

Dame Diana Rigg has passed away at 82 :(


This is a kick in the guts. She was one of the first celebrities I became a fan of as a child. I used to stay up to watch her introductions to Masterpiece Theatre. What a terrible loss.

The grief surrounding her passing is very palpable and I’m sad to say I’m not super familiar with her work. We were definitely always a Masterpiece household but with her leaving in 2003 I’m too young to remember her hosting gig. Her performance in the film version of A Little Night Music was more than Oscar-worthy, and I consider her “Every Day a Little Death” to be the best I’ve heard. I was in NYC when she was playing Mrs. Higgins at Lincoln Center and considered going, but was too lazy to walk/too cheap to pay for a cab (on top of ticket prices) and now I regret it.

I think I’ve seen one episode of the MTM-style sitcom she did in the 70s and am tempted to seek out more.

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3 hours ago, HarryCarter said:

Ruta Lee remembers Alex Trebek. 


From this interview we can deduce that Lucy’s appearance on High Rollers was taped the same day as Lucy’s December 1975 Tonight Show appearance (same outfit). 

Pretty likely, they were probably both taped here in Burbank at what used to be NBC Studios, where Carson held court for years.  Currently known as The Burbank Studios after being acquired a few years ago by some conglomerate after the NBC / Universal merger and Tonight (with Conan) moved to Universal next to the famous theme park.  :HALKING:

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