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Frawley Freebies

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Lucyilove    234

Internet Archive has several now-public domain movies with William Frawley in supporting roles that you can watch online for free or download and burn on to dvds including TEXAS BROOKLYN AND HEAVEN which also has Irene Ryan and Jody Gilbert in supporting roles (and stars hunk supreme Guy Madison) as well as pre-ILL tv appearances on Alan Young and Ed Wynn's shows. I posted earlier about the Wynn show but IA has added several other Frawley movie/tv gigs since then so I thought I'd let everyone know about it


(Note: Frawley is not in either CITY OF MISSING GIRLS or I MARRIED JOAN, just mentioned in reviews that's why his name comes up there in the searches).


They also have another film with him in supporting 1935's HARMONY LANE which is not on the above search since he's not mentioned by name on the IA page http://archive.org/d...ls/harmony_lane

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JoeySoCal    1,008

Yeah but read it early morning bleary-eyed before enough coffee and one could mistake it for "freeballs"! (Hey! He didn't wear those pants pulled up to his navel just as a fashion statement, c'mon!) :lucythrill::lucyhorror::HALKING:

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