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Jeopardy!… Lucy Style

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Freddie2    848

It's time to play Freddie Fillmore's hot new game show: Jeopardy, with a Lucy twist! 


Questions will be given in the form of an answer :lucydaze:


1. Trump, Oompa Loompa, and Technicolor Tessie


2. Bombeck, Thomas, and Mooney


3. The McGillicudy Bloodline (or, a go-to drink for Mame Dennis)


4. These two redheads both KISSED BILL HOLDEN


5. Initials of board game manufacturer (or wacky Pasadena hardware store)


6. The Envelope, Ruth McDevitt 











The Questions:



1. What are the three latest shades of orange introduced by Crayola?


2. Who are the three women that comprise the new hip trio "The Singing Ermas"?



3. What is Straight Scotch?


4. Who are Lucille Ball and Stefanie Powers?


5. What are M & B? (Milton Bradley, McGibbon and Barker)


6. What does Lucille Ball like to push?





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JoeySoCal    1,009

What a great idea, Freddie! I'll come back when I think some up.

Knowing you they'll be BRILLIANT! :HALKING:

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