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CBS revives Murphy Brown

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Luvsbway    1,998
13 hours ago, LittleRickyII said:

Do you remember anything about Lou's office set?  There's a strange thing about that set that makes it appear that the wall between Lou's office and the newsroom was movable.  In the scenes inside that office, the wall is angled towards the right, apparently so that the studio audience has good visibility of Lou's office (and I've read that Lou's office was at the far end of the stage, so that would make sense).  But in scenes in the newsroom, the wall is angled towards the left.  So it seems they would swing the wall back and forth depending on whether they were filming a scene inside Lou's office or in the newsroom.  In some episodes they have to go back and forth repeatedly between the newsroom and Lou's office, which would mean an a lot of swinging of that wall.  I would think that would be very distracting for someone sitting in the studio audience because they would have had to repeatedly stop filming every time they need to move the wall.  Does any of this ring a bell?

I think I read  about this over on Ken Levine's blog recently and it was a movable wall. 

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JoeySoCal    1,005

"Movable walls" are not uncommon and have gone back decades, perhaps mostly for the set adjacent to the swing set. Saw a "Laverne & Shirley" back in the day and if memory serves (probably doesn't), it was the kitchen set (original basement apartment) wall that moved to accommodate the large bar set next to it for the "Lucy-like" block comedy scene, which included a fight in the bar, including a bit where they ended up in a ship-like crows nest!

It was the 5th season episode called "What Do you Do With A Drunken Sailor" featuring Ed Begley Jr. as Shirley's brother and aired October 18, 1979. ;)

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