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The Eldest Surviving Lucy Co-Stars

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JoeySoCal    1,017

Happy 102nd birthday to Patricia Morison today!

While still in LA, I was privileged to witness Miss Morison several times (along with so many talented others, including our own ageless wonder, Miss Carole Cook!!) performing her signature tune (name of which now escapes me!!) in the annual S.T.A.G.E. benefit for AIDS charities.  


Given her advance age, she was often one of the few if only performers who did not stride out on stage rather was already seated and the curtain would rise and the audience always gave her a long, loud ovation and and even longer, louder standing one when she was done!  


It absolutely KILLED me to miss last year's but ...that's water under the bridge now.  (It looked for awhile there like it might not have played last year, the announcement came so much later than usual, the venue was different and it was held a good month or two later than usual; afterward, I heard attendance was way down from what is usually a nearly if not sold out event.  Many theories as to why but one I understand is simply "fatigue" after fighting the battle for so long and younguns and others no longer understanding, feeling that the epidemic, while no longer "life threatening" is still a "worthy cause" since it's now more a manageable, chronic disease, compared to the death sentence it used to be.)


Still, it's for a good cause and always an AMAZING show with a roster of talent you're unlikely to see anywhere else, so it'd be a shame overall to see it disappear entirely! :blink:


Oh, those moments!! Magic! :D :D :D

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HarryCarter    1,067

Happy 100th birthday to Lucy's Thousands Cheer costar, Marsha Hunt! I believe she is the last surviving MGM star in the famous 1943 MGM anniversary photo with Lucy and Desi. 

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