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What episodes are you watching on "The Lucy Show"?

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Watched these this past week:

"Lucy Plays Cleopatra"

"Kiddies Parties, Inc."

"Lucy & Viv Play Softball"

"Lucy Gets Locked in a Vault" (ended falling asleep half way through)

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An underrated, often ignored Lucy Show gem from the first season "Lucy Drives a Dump Truck".  The gaggle of women who constituted the Danfield Volunteers were used too sparingly, probably more expensive to hire so many.  Lucy is more Lucy Ricardo-esque in this one.  The end scene was unusual in that it was done "on location" (the Desilu backlot) without an audience.  The traffic cop was perfectly portrayed by Dick Reeves who had done many I Love Lucys.  This was his only Lucy Show.  There are several little bits she does in this episode that remind me why there's only one 'Lucy'...and they're all silent expressions on her face:

1) when she's finished her phone call to salvage man Don Sharpe, is told he's retired and decides to hide from an angry Viv and Audrey among the stacks of newspapers.

2) at the "court martial" as Viv reads her list of infractions and comes to "and we now have 34 tons of damp newspapers in our yard"

3) Officer Reeves asks her if she can read and points to a sign.  Lucy "yes it says "One-Way'".  Watch her expression change ever so slightly as she realizes she has just gone the wrong way down a one-way street. 

I also love Officer Reeves sarcastic "Welcome to Brewster" and his even more sarcastic response when Lucy asks if he's going to give her a ticket.  "No", he scoffs and  Lucy is relieved until he adds "I'm going to give you TWO tickets."

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Watched "Lucy Helps Danny Thomas" the other night. Still don't care for it.

Lucy acted like an idiot in this episode. And Gale Gordon was hardly in this episode. The interactions between Lucy and Danny (the main players of this poor episode) weren't that funny. And that bit with Lucy having trouble with that head thing was very reminiscent of the classic "Lucy Gets Pictures" I Love Lucy episode and not nearly as funny if at all.

I still rank this as one of the 10 worst episodes or bottom 10 of The Lucy Show. 


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