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What episodes are you watching on "Here's Lucy"?

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On ‎10‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 5:03 PM, LucyImHome said:

I'm binge watching the entire series.  Just finished Lucy Goes To The Air Force Academy, parts 1 & 2.  Love the "on location" episodes.



I've binge watched the series about 20 years ago over a weekend. I didn't watch all of the episodes as at that time I didn't have the entire series on tape but I watched a vast majority of them. It was great fun. I will probably do it again sometime in the future.  

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10/15/19 (Tuesday Afternoon/Early Evening) *I LOVE LUCY DAY*:

“Lucy and the Astronauts” (episode #77)

“Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars” (episode #76)

“Someone’s On the Ski Lift with Dinah” (episode #79)


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10/17/19 (evening):

“Mod, Mod Lucy” (Episode #1)

“Lucy Visits Jack Benny” (Episode #6)

“Lucy, the Process Server” (Episode #7)


10/18/19 (morning): Here's Lucy Marathon

“Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters” (Episode #9)

“Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper” (Episode #4)

“Lucy’s Impossible Mission” (Episode #8)

“Lucy and Eva Gabor” (Episode #5)

“Lucy’s Birthday” (Episode #2)

“Lucy’s Working Daughter” (Episode #3)

“Lucy and the Gold Rush” (Episode #10)

“Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50?” (Episode #12)

“Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton” (Episode #13)

“Lucy, the Matchmaker” (Episode #14)

“Lucy, the Fixer” (Episode #15)


10/18/19 (evening): Another Here’s Lucy Marathon

“Lucy Goes on Strike” (Episode #16)

“Lucy and the Ex-Con” (Episode #17)

“A Date For Lucy” (Episode #18)

“Lucy Gets Her Man” (Episode #19)

“Lucy, the Shopping Expert” (Episode #20)

“Lucy’s Safari” (Episode #22)

“Lucy Helps Craig Gets His Driver’s License” (Episode #24)

“Lucy and Harry’s Tonsils” (Episode #29)

“Lucy’s Burglar Alarm” (Episode #30)

“Lucy and the Andrew Sisters” (Episode #32)


10/21/19 (evening)

“Lucy Stops a Marriage” (Episode #59)


10/23/19 (early morning): Here’s Lucy Marathon

“Lucy’s Vacation” (Episode #69)

“Lucy’s House Guest, Harry” (Episode #70)

“Lucy and Carol Burnett: Hollywood Unemployment Follies” (Episode #71)

“Lucy and the Raffle” (Episode #72)

“Lucy’s Punctured Romance” (Episode #95)

“Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Who’s Apron Strings” (Episode #96)


10/24/19 (Evening)

“Lucy’s Big Break” (Episode #98)


10/25/19 (Afternoon)

“Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies” (Episode #97)

“Harrison Carter, Male Nurse” (Episode #99)


10/27/19 (Evening)

“A Home Is Not An Office” (Episode #100)

“Lucy and Joe Namath” (Episode #101)


10/28/19 (Morning)

“Lucy, the Other Woman” (#103)

“Lucy and the Case of the Wreckless Wheelchair Driver” (#104)

“Lucy and the Group Encounter” (#105)

“Lucy and Donny Osmond” (#106)


10/28/19 (Evening) Here’s Lucy Marathon

“Dirtie Gertie” (#108)

“Lucy and Jim Bailey” (#110)

“Lucy and Her Prince Charming” (#111)

“My Fair Buzzi” (#114)

“Goodbye, Mrs. Hips” (#107)

“The Not-So-Popular Mechanics” (#109)

“Lucy Is Really In a Pickle” (#112)

“Lucy and Her Genuine Twimby (#113)

“Lucy Goes to Prison” (#115)

(followed by Lucy Show episodes, "Lucy and the Missing Stamp" and "Lucy, the Rain Goddess")



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I watched Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date. Although the too silly last minute of the episode prevents me from putting this in my top episode list, I wish there were more episodes like this one.

I agree that the last minute or so (i.e. where Lucy dresses up as a werewolf to "scare" Ben off,) is much too silly. I re-watched this episode yesterday, and I kept thinking that if Desi or Jess Oppenheimer had still been around, this entire gag would have been better-motivated and handled with more humor. Although the Bob and Madelyn episodes of "Here's Lucy" are head and shoulders above the rest, this wasn't one of their better efforts. Then again, Gary and Lucy were in full control at this point, so who knows what was cut from the original script . . .

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