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  2. Arden of Eden: “Our Miss Brooks” star signs on for biblical teleplay Desilu Playhouse Sponsor Feud! Tennessee Ernie runs down Betty Furness in new Ford! “It came back?” - Furious Vance quits after Desilu paycheck bounces Less is Moore: Exclusive details about Candy’s new zero-episode contract!
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  4. Like a lot of these All-Time Best Lists, this one is top heavy with more recent shows some of which I've never seen and an alarming number I've never heard of. I was glad to see Burns & Allen made the list even if it was only #85. Some series might have made the list if you just looked at their first two seasons: Bewitched (did I miss it on the list?), The Lucy Show and The Beverly Hillbillies, whose first season is hilarious in no small part due to the presence of Bea Benedaret as Pearl Bodine.
  5. Sr based on the rest of his post. There is a scene in Ironside where Desi is in a car crash due to a tie rod cut. I think there was a mechanic in that. Its the only thing that made sense to me based on Desi's post 1960s work I've seen. But Desi wasn't a mechanic, he was a doctor.
  6. Desi Sr. or Jr.? J(unio)r. had the lead in ABC"s short-lived Automan, correct? Would that have involved the car repair scene referenced?? (I don't think I ever watched it, despite young Mr. Arnaz's presence )
  7. That's what surprised me because its always I Love Lucy. And it was mostly Keith's dialogue in the scene too. I just recognized it since they never showed the TV screen. It also had nothing to do with the scene but boy were those actors laughing.
  8. That’s interesting. I wasn’t aware of any examples of her other shows being watched by fictional characters. It’s almost always I Love Lucy.
  9. 1981 movie Looker. Susan Day visits her parents who are enjoying The Lucy Show episode Lucy Goes Duck Hunting so much they ignore her. You never see the screen but its the scene in the duck blind. You hear them talking about Lucy shooting the decoy and a few quack, quaks from Lucy.
  10. Agree that at least a nomination for "Pillow" seemed appropriate, if for nothing else being a trouper, forging ahead in layered winter clothes despite the unseasonable NYC heat wave. "Here's Lucy" won as Best TV Comedy in 1971 from some TV association. I can't find the Variety clipping right now. I don't know what the Emmy nomination criteria is, but when Lucy won in 1968, there were 5 nominees. For 70-71, there were only three for Best Actress in a Comedy while there were 5 for Best Actor. This was the only season HL got any Emmy recognition that I know of. Gale and Bob&Madelyn's Burton script. Both lost to MTM people. In the seasons in between, Lucy was passed over for lesser performers. The winner for both years, Hope Lange was as good a choice as any given the other none-outstanding nominees. Hope won despite her series being cancelled TWICE. First by NBC, then by ABC. I don't remember much about "Ghost & Mrs. Muir" but it didn't seem like much was required from Hope.
  11. Oh, can't they leave poor "Mame" alone?? In "Center Square: Paul Lynde" biography, Paul tells of advice Lucy gave him when he was starting his show. For some reason, the author feels the need to add "Lynde should have been more dubious because at the time Ball thought she was perfectly suited to play the lead in the disastrous musical Mame."
  12. Contains the most bizarre segment of any Lucy movie. Colorful and dazzling to watch and somehow she shines. She doesn't embarrass herself which is saying a lot considering what she's given to do. Let's see Mary Tyler Moore, Irene Ryan, Inger Stevens, Shirley Booth or Patty Duke (63-64 Emmy Best Actress in a Comedy nominees bypassing Miss Ball) pull this off! This movie sat on the shelf for a couple of years for some reason. By the time of its release MGM had pretty much given up on Lucy, despite appearing in two semi-hits "Dubarry" and "Best Foot Forward" and as movie-stealing support in "Without Love" and "Easy to Wed", all except "Love" in glorious technicolor.
  13. Great news! I wish they used the spectacular artwork that was on the cover of the DVD, though.
  14. Love this anonymous comment "Unimportant side-note (but I think noteworthy, at any rate): when I was a kid, my family went on one of those invasive Tour of the Star's Homes. You know, rubes in the big city, what can I say? Apologies to anyone who actually lives there and has to sit behind a big old bus on one of your narrow streets. Anyway, a lot of those tours are bullshit. They have no idea where anybody lives. But this was the 80s and, sure enough, we stopped outside Mlle. Ball's mansion and there she was in her front yard. That kind of thing is a terrible invasion of privacy and wouldn't happen nowadays, wouldn't be received well at all but she came to her gate, waved, posed for pictures, talked with us. And she had clearly not gotten ready for her day, was in her robe - just an amazing lady."
  15. THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1945) coming to BluRay on June 15 from the Warner Archive. Amazon listing
  16. Ken had another Lucy post over the weekend. The comments section is pretty good. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/05/weekend-post_0335712146.html Does anyone know what Desi show this was? "I spent a good hour under a car with him shooting some long-forgotten show. He was a mechanic, I was his goofy assistant. I was in awe the entire time. Still am."
  17. Ken Levine wrote an interesting piece about this list. He argued I Love Lucy should’ve been number one, given its enormous influence, even though it isn’t his personal favourite. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/05/top-100-sitcoms-of-all-time-really.html
  18. It’s a feature film, produced by Amazon Studios. Not direct to streaming. At least, that was the original plan. Hopefully, by next year when it is scheduled to be released, it will be in theatres.
  19. Would have expected this to be posted here...unless I missed it? 100 Best Sitcoms of All Time
  20. I'm looking forward to this although I expect this to be pretty flimsy as most direct to streaming projects have turned out to be mostly underwhelming. It'll satisfy typical joe public but I doubt it'll come close to Lucy and Desi A Home Movie. Very eager to be wrong.
  21. Agree, Brian, with all your observations here and just further "ammo" to me that the return of Bob & Madelyn to the writers room late in "Here's" significantly boosted the quality of their respective episodes (here "Pickle" and "Big Break"). Oh...what might have been!
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  23. https://www.bolde.com/chocolate-covered-dill-pickles-snack/?fbclid=IwAR3HOCqg1DpmqFgqck-yi9yeleuxvU8buudwf-aSvKzacAGJsMrBoA9Mbxw https://malleys.com/pickles/
  24. Lucie and best friend Sue Cameron try to save Palm Springs’ Purple Room.
  25. Love your season 3 observations. Before I thought of the fact that there were writers, I remember when I first saw these that something was missing from the previous shows. Maybe it was Bob and Madelyn's way with words? To me, the show just wasn't as funny. Even though it's Viv-less, I like "Lucy Becomes a Father". Her getting stuck in a mummy bag is B&M schtick-worthy. Yes, the poker game is similar to "Be a Pal" but I don't remember any specific bits repeated. Lucy once said on a talk show "I was bitten by a bear once" and it must have been this one. A real live bear was used except for the very last scene. My main season 3 complaint is the complete eradication of the various supporting semi-regular players, even though as you say, they were at least mentioned.
  26. Thanks to a VPN and Tubi, I’m able to watch this show for the first time in nearly a decade! Lucy & Lawrence Welk - Viv gets some of her funniest ever lines in this instalment. And it’s wonderful seeing her and Mary Jane together again. That hadn’t happened since the Danfield/Audrey Simmons era, and even MJ gets to do more comedy than usual. God bless Lawrence, but the wax sculpture has more personality than the real one. Lucy is Really in a Pickle - It’s no Vitametavegamin, but the faces she makes when attempting to eat the pickles are very funny. I know her filling them with fudge is played for comedy, but it also shows an intelligence that’s often lacking in her later characterisations. She found a solution which allowed her to perform as expected. Effective advertising, too - I cracked open a jar of pickles midway through. No fudge required. Lucy’s Big Break - I’d completely forgotten Lloyd Bridges was in this one. And I never realised before that the “mhmm” lady was Dorothy Konrad of the barbershop quartet. Mary Wickes is a total scene stealer as the nurse. Alan Oppenheimer’s role must’ve been compensation for Lucie’s pilot not selling.
  27. The AFI has created a Robert Osborne webpage that includes highlights of his TCM intros. https://www.afi.com/robert-osborne/
  28. Makes me wonder if Jimmy ever watches these now (they are streaming somewhere, just can't remember where at the moment!) and wonders, "Hey where the hell am I?? I was there when we shot this!!!"
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