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    Pardon my nostalgia. Given the low volume of activity in Lucy Land at the moment, I thought some of you might enjoy this.
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    I especially loved the “two women living on the edge.” 😂 Thank you for sharing this video! I admittedly skipped through portions but man did Nick at Nite really go all out or what? I feel like I started watching a little later than this era, but it reminds me of how psyched their ads would get me. Anyone else remember the commercial with a song that went something like “two I Love Lucys in a row, this is followed by a Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Every Saturday niiiight”?
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    https://theplotthickens.tcm.com/season-three/ Lucy’s season now has a page! I’m very curious who the 50 people interviewed are not to mention any “surprising revelations.” As a side note, I’ve been wishing old Hollywood podcast “You Must Remember This” would cover Lucy is some form. The host, Karina Longworth, goes above and beyond in their research, engaging narration, music, etc. Highly recommend everyone check out that podcast as well.
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    More Ann Dusenberry. Playing a rich friend of Mary Jo's in a fourth season episode of Designing Women.
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    Thanks for sharing these! It’s strange for me to see promos for The Lucy Show, as I never caught it when N@N aired that series.
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    I posted this to Facebook, but for those who didn't see it:
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    https://www.bolde.com/chocolate-covered-dill-pickles-snack/?fbclid=IwAR3HOCqg1DpmqFgqck-yi9yeleuxvU8buudwf-aSvKzacAGJsMrBoA9Mbxw https://malleys.com/pickles/
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    I believe I can now say "I've seen everythin', brudder!" I wonder if the audience knew they were listening to the golden vocals of one Lucille Ball.
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    Ha! Yep Lindsey's walk through of the part would be a better version then the one in the book
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    Thanks for this. Your last paragraph sounds completely on the nose. Why not come up with your own characters instead of twisting and distorting the lives of real people to fit a fictional narrative? I think I’ll give this one a pass...or else wait for Lindsay Lohan to do the Lifetime Original Movie version.
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    I feel TLS is more consistent than HL. HL has its moments but its really hit and miss. I also love TLS for behind the scenes reasons. It's very much the transition show, showing Ball develop from her early TV persona to her later one. Its a nice bridge between ILL and HL.
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    Overall, I find myself watching and enjoying Here's Lucy more, but I have more of a sentimental attachment to The Lucy Show.
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    "You mean my GREEN lamé jacket?" "Tarnished, huh?"
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