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    Building a Bar-B-Q I like this one, but find it a bit stressful. Also, I’m noticing more and more how beautiful season six looks. I don’t know if it was brighter lighting, different filmstock, or a combination of both, but the image is almost platinum-like in appearance, compared to the greyer look of some earlier seasons. Unfortunately, this look didn’t carry over to the hour shows. Visitor from Italy I don’t rewatch this one that much, but it’s quite charming. Jay Novello was always an excellent guest. I keep forgetting how good Lucy’s pizza routine is. Changing the Boys Wardrobe One of the more loyal “My Favorite Husband” adaptations. For that reason, I can’t help it feel this episode might’ve been better located in the first season. Putting it in the same year as “Men Are Messy” would’ve made more sense, as come season three it’s very out of character to have Ricky be so sloppy. Mertz and Kurtz Another one I tend not to view too often. I’m not wild about the musical act, but the events leading up to it are okay. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I enjoy seeing Bill Frawley getting to trot out some of the old standards. My favourite moment is everyone deciding to do the show, and Lucy’s positively gleeful response when she’s allowed to join in. It’s great seeing all of them join forces together. I just wish the show in question had been a bit funnier.
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    Now having heard it, I can say it’s an overall good episode. He clearly did his homework and provides a lot of solid information, especially for newcomers. No major factual errors that I can pinpoint, though there were a few tiny details that were a little off. The best bits for me were his personal stories relating to the show, such as witnessing Bill Frawley drunk in public, seeing Vivian Vance the night she filmed her Rhoda episode, and viewing the exact location where the Hollywood backdrop was photographed for the Beverly Palms scenes. I also cracked up at his Gale Gordon impression.
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    Episode 3 of “Impeachment” opens with Matt Drudge working in the CBS gift shop. Naturally, they have a dedicated Lucy section, and one woman notices a VHS box set containing some of the Public Domain “Lucy Show” episodes. She gets all excited, commenting that she never knew Lucy had another show. Drudge proceeds to mention it was in the ‘60s, and salaciously describes Ball’s divorce from Desi, which also shocks the woman. I enjoyed this scene for several reasons. One, it was fun to hear “The Lucy Show” receive acknowledgement by another program, which is rare enough. Two, they appeared to have used an actual ‘90s box set, as I recognised the font and cover photo as the one Front Row Features used for their releases.
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