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  1. And that is unfortunate as the first three seasons of The Lucy Show are not at all like that. And what the general public remembers the most about this series are those later years with Lucy working at the bank. And that is probably why this series hasn't been a hit a syndication. I often wonder how The Lucy Show would have done in reruns if only its original run consisted of the first three seasons. Those last three seasons should have been a series of its own. They are more like Here's Lucy if one comes to think about it.
  2. In the last two months or so, I watched the following ... "Lucy and the Submarine" - not one of the best episodes to watch but it is a delight to watch. I prefer the second half with the setting in the actual submarine more so than the first half. "Lucy and John Wayne" - One of the first episodes I watched back in the late 90s in rediscovering the series. It can be an annoying one at times but I do have a fondness for it. It's definitely not like the I Love Lucy two-part John Wayne one. Anyways, I love the dialogue between Lucy and John Wayne in the restaurant and, of course, Milton Berle's cameo appearance. "Lucy Flies to London" - Great episode all around. I believe it was based on an earlier script by the original Lucy scribes Madelyn Pugh Davis Martin and Bob Carroll, Jr. "Lucy and Pat Collins" - My favorite scene in this episode is the opening scene. Lucy seems just so sophisticated and very personable. "Mooney the Monkey" - Lucy is so overworked that she begins to think she's having hallucinations of Mr. Mooney as a monkey? That's a bit of a stretch. Not the greatest episode. And probably one of my least favorites from season five. "Lucy, the Bean Queen" - Love, LOVE this episode. It's a Lucy scheming to make money episode. Its a refreshing episode from the Bank years of the show. Love the ending of this one when Lucy's conscience gets the best of her and she decides to not keep the check and admits that "Bailey's beans is the best beans I ever ate". "Lucy and Viv Install a Shower" - perhaps the most famous episode of this series. A good portion of this episode was just a build-up to the climax of the episode with Lucy and Viv getting trapped in the shower stall and it filling up with water. This episode sort of reminds me of one of the most remembered episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show where Laura Petrie is locked in the hotel bathroom with her toe stuck to the bathtub faucet. "Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring" - I personally prefer this one over the similar Here's Lucy episode, "Lucy Meets the Burtons". Lucy and Gale are top-notch throughout the episode and it keeps getting better. From Lucy getting the ring stuck on her finger, her taking that pill which causes her to be loopy to Mooney trying to help her out of the car, and eventually the ring going down the drain. One of the best entries from season five, no doubt. "Lucy and Paul Winchell" - Not one of my favorites but an amusing episode nonetheless. "Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford" - This one has grown on me over the years. It's a great nod to the biggest show of the time - The Beverly Hillbillies and probably was inspired by it. I love the hoe-Down scene with a frustrated Mr. Mooney chasing hillbilly Lucy around. "Little Old Lucy" - Love the dialogue between Lucy and Mary Jane in the opening scene. Great line from this episode: "That mink goes out on more dates than I do and it's dead!". "Viv Moves Out" - This one would have more appropriate for season three or even season four. I love the scene where Lucy dances with the music while peeling the potatoes and also the scene where Viv comes back to try to make amends, not knowing that Lucy has earplugs in and ends up leaving feeling ignored. "Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank" - Interesting that this early episode eventually became what the show's premise would be later on. It's a nice treat to see so many Lucy players in this one: Mary Jane Croft, Kathleen Freeman and Carol Cook. Too bad that Mary Wickes wasn't included. "Lucy and the Boy Scout Show" - I much prefer this over the first part of this two-part episode, "Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman To Sing" (which that first half in itself was somewhat of a remake of season 1's episode, "Lucy's Barbershop Quartet"). "Lucy Is Her Own Lawyer" - Classic Lucy. Enough said.
  3. You might right, I don't know. But I personally think why they chose to emphasis on I Love Lucy and not throw in more episodes of The Lucy Show in that particular marathon is because of their perception of the public's fondness and familiarity with ILL and feeling that having more I Love Lucy would draw in more viewers or sustain them unlike The Lucy Show. I could be wrong too. But I've noticed over the years since I became a fan of both shows is that many networks have had that same sentiment/line of thinking, unfortunately. If you noticed back when Nick-at-Nite first added I Love Lucy to their nightly schedule that was when they pushed The Lucy Show from its 11:30pm timeslot to later timeslots in overnight. Aside from weekends and special events here and there, from that point forward The Lucy Show never returned to prime-time or any timeslot earlier than 12:30am. I have always felt that the first three seasons of The Lucy Show had an I Love Lucy feel to them unlike the last two or three seasons of the show. That's not to say the other seasons weren't any good but they were just different as the show evolved. Different background music, different dynamic between the main characters, different writing, different settings and even Lucy's voice was different as it went from her almost "Lucy Ricardo voice" in the earlier seasons to a deeper, huskier one.
  4. Thank you for sharing this! I was curious what I Love Lucy episodes were included in this as well as the sole The Lucy Show one. Now I know! Unfortunately, I didn't see this marathon. Wish I did. I was a casual viewer of both Nick-at-Nite and Lucy at the time and really wasn't a Lucy fan until summer '97. Too bad they didn't have a similar Lucy marathon later on. Oh well, Nick-at-Nite did have other Lucy marathons (such as Lucy's Top 10, Lucy's Greatest Outfits, Whole Lotta Lucy, The I Love Lucy Marathon to the Millennium) but they weren't quite unique as this 1996 one. The Here's Lucy episode selections are so-so but I'm sure fans would have preferred an episode with her long-time sidekick, Vivian Vance, and the most famous one of all - "Lucy Meets the Burtons". And Nick-at-Nite could have shown another The Lucy Show episode in place of Feb. 14th 11:15pm showing of I Love Lucy. And speaking of which it's too bad that Nick-at-Nite didn't air more The Lucy Show episodes in this event as they still had the rights to the series at the time. And it's ironic that less than three months after this event, the show was dropped from their line-up.
  5. Saturday, January 30th, 2021: Episode #52: "Sales Resistance" (and then afterwards The Lucy Show episode, "Kiddies Parties, Inc.")
  6. Saturday, January 30th, 2021: "Kiddies Parties, Inc." (#37) (before that, I watched the I Love Lucy episode "Sales Resistance")
  7. Cloris Leachman as her Phyllis character made such an impression that casual viewers of The Mary Tyler Moore Show thought she was there for the entire run. However, as you have stated she appeared in the first five seasons of the program. The first two as a recurring player and then the following three seasons as a special guest star. And finally, she came back for one episode in the show's final season. Season four of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is the only season where one could see all four supporting female characters: Rhoda, Sue-Ann, Phyllis and Georgette. However, all four did appear the series finale in season seven. Rhoda was most frequently seen in season four, followed by Georgette (with nine appearances), Sue-Ann Nivens (with five appearances), and finally our beloved Phyllis (with three appearances). Unfortunately, there wasn't an episode of season four which all four appeared in.
  8. It's kind of hard to think that both Rhoda and Phyllis were more popular than their parent show given that the parent show was an already established hit with strong characters. Both Rhoda and Phyllis fell apart at the seams early in their runs with the latter getting cancelled and the former just limping along. Both were extremely hot when they started and then just came crashing down not too long after. Meanwhile The Mary Tyler Moore Show continued to enjoy moderate success despite never being a run away hit to begin with. Viewer tastes in sitcoms definitely changed in the mid-70s when the family-friendly, slap-stick and farce sitcoms knocked out the topical and more sophisticated sitcoms and took center stage. I guess viewers were less interested in or just plain out tired of Archie debating Mike over the latest issue of the day, or Maude having a screaming match, or Fred Sanford's constant insults and bigotry, or the day-to-day adult living of Mary, Rhoda and Bob Hartley and instead chose to indulge themselves more in the likes of Fonzie jumping over cans with his motorcycle and doing other "cool" stuff, or Richie trying to go all the way with a date and other coming-of-age stories, or Laverne and Shirley getting into one Lucy-eque jam after another, or Mork from the planet Ork reporting to Orson over his latest lesson learned on planet Earth, or the constant misunderstandings and (sexual) innuendos that went on between Jack, Janet and Chrissy. It was a great change after years of total domination of the Norman Lear and MTM production warhorses. And one might say that Garry Marshall, whose writing credits include The Lucy Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Odd Couple, took over the reigns when it came to sitcom domination in the 70s.
  9. Another GREAT one has left us. She was hysterical whatever she was in. I just read not too long ago that she is the most-awarded actress with eight emmy wins and like 22 nominations. Two of the emmys came from her work from the iconic The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She will be missed.
  10. Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 "Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank" (#41) & "Lucy and the Military Academy" (#42) Thursday, January 7th, 2021 "Lucy's College Reunion" (#43) & "The Loophole in the Lease" (#40) Friday, January 8th, 2021 "Lucy Gets Trapped" (#133)
  11. To me it seemed like the early years of Here's Lucy reverted the Lucy character back to season one of The Lucy Show with Lucy having a home life again with kids in the picture. I surely enjoyed the first four seasons of Here's Lucy tremendously especially the first two when I first saw them over twenty years ago. With seasons five and six, my initial reaction was disappointment as it seemed those two seasons were echoing the last three seasons of The Lucy Show.
  12. Saturday, December 26th, 2020 "Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day" (#7) - Had great comedy bits with Lucy dealing with the water dispenser, Lucy's dress getting caught in the elevator and, of course, Lucy in a kangaroo costume inside a restaurant trying to eat soup. Great episode all around. "Lucy Buys a Sheep" (#2) - cute animal show
  13. Sometime in the Fall 2020: "Lucy Goes on Strike" (#16) "Lucy's Safari" (#22) "Lucy Helps Craig Get His Driver's License" (#24) "Lucy and the Indian Chief" (#27) "Lucy Runs the Rapids" (#28) "Lucy and Harry's Tonsils" (#29) "Lucy, the Cement Worker" (#34) "Lucy and Johnny Carson" (#35) "Lucy and the Generation Gap" (#36) "Lucy, the Crusader" (#51) "Lucy and Ma Parker" (#56) "Lucy Stops a Marriage" (#59) December 26th, 2020: "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" (#11). (Followed by The Lucy Show episodes, "Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day" & "Lucy Buys a Sheep" ). A favorite of mine. Watched it with my niece. She seemed to enjoy it. Last night (12/31/20): "Lucy's Bonus Bounces" (#86) "Lucy and David Frost Go Night-Night" (#87) The first one was great watching Lucy, Kim and Mary-Jane all plotting together "against" Harrison. The second one was just so-so. I would say it's almost a remake of The Lucy Show episode, "Lucy Flies to London", with David Frost taking the role of Mr. Mooney on the airplane. However, it had a weak ending and just wasn't done well here.
  14. It would be neat if MeTV did that as well as including all five Lucy TV Series in their next marathon (if they decide to have one) of a Lucy milestone birthday. Their previous one in 2011 - - - they just aired her first three series: I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour and The Lucy Show. I guess MeTV didn’t have the rights to neither her fourth (Here’s Lucy) or fifth TV series (Life with Lucy) at the time.
  15. Decades, for the most part, is the ONLY the network airing Lucy, PERIOD. And even with THAT channel it is still fairly new. I believe under half of the U.S. population gets it. I certainly don't. I will miss watching Here's Lucy on Cozi TV and the sad thing is ... I just got that channel last month. Hopefully they'll bring Here's Lucy back.
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