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  1. Ohhh I'm sure Gary just loved it when Desi stopped by to "calm" Lucy down.
  2. Lucy said she lost the first one shortly after Carole Lombard passed, which was in 1942. Her comment about "being busy for 5 years" could've meant in terms of her movie making, not losing babies. Like I said, Lucy would know best how many babies she lost, she said she lost two and had two. I don't know why people care about the exact years she lost them, we know it happened because she said it herself. I mean, we don't need to know EVERYTHING about the woman, especially personal stuff like this. JMO. Edited to add: Kathleen Brady is an idiot. She had so many facts wrong in her book and put a lot of unfounded rumors and scandalous crap in there as facts. So I would take anything she has to say with a grain of salt.
  3. I think she regretted setting them up after she really got to know him.
  4. I read it and really liked it, probably the best "Lucy friend" book I've ever read. One thing kinda surprised me, Gary was a bigger a**hole and tool than originally thought. And she's no fan of Lee Tannen.
  5. I didn’t see her being disinterested or curt. She looked annoyed maybe when Gary wouldn’t STFU, but that’s it. Matter of opinion I guess.
  6. Sounds like someone made up a story around one of the last phone calls Lucy and Desi had when Desi was sick and lay dying, as it sounds exactly like the conversations Lucie overheard at the time. I smell BS.
  7. Obviously what he felt at the time. By the end of his life he knew Lucy loved him.
  8. Sorry but if he'd been nicer to Lucy maybe I'd be more sad.
  9. She never went home from the hospital. Just another idiot writer who doesn't get their facts straight.
  10. Um yeah. Just a little wet out there. We got soaked running from the Best Western to the Willow Bay.
  11. Jamestown airport. We'll be arriving Thursday morning and our rental car will pick us up. We're staying at the Best Western. We leave on the 7th.
  12. We don't have anything planned for that day until 5, so we'll probably be there.
  13. She's allergic to anything gluten.
  14. We're going! She's hilarious.
  15. Probably. We aren't going to as many events this year so we'll be futzing around. Lol
  16. Gypsy and I will be around too. ????
  17. I don't know anything about Journey auctioning off Lucy's stuff other than what came out a few years ago. I have my suspicions about the woman as someone told me Journey is doing the same stuff but on the down low and that she's not to be trusted, but I can't prove anything. She definitely doesn't have Lucy's legacy in mind. She's all about rubbing elbows with the rich and famous and being associated with modern comics.
  18. Awesome! She's such a nice lady.
  19. I found this twat waffle's videos a long time ago on YouTube. I couldn't watch all of them, I thought this woman must be joking, no one is this crazy. But then I read a few of the comments on it and there were other twat waffles actually agreeing with her!! Gypsy and I trolled her in her comment section and on her YouTube page....sorry, guys, maybe that's why she disabled her comments. LMFAO
  20. Probably like a souvenir. Soldiers would take medals and other Nazi insignia off dead Germans sort of like a trophy, not cuz they believed in the ideology. That's probably how it was viewed then.
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