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  1. Lucie will be among the many stars participating in a fundraising event celebrating 75 Years of the Theatre World Awards. It will stream on Broadwayworld.com on Sunday, July 11 at 7:00pm.
  2. You can listen to the first season and the just premiered second season on the TCM website, YouTube, or whenever podcasts are available. https://theplotthickens.tcm.com/ The first season on Peter Bogdanovich was terrific. The current second season - about the making of the film Bonfire of the Vanities is very engrossing. I don’t know of anything that has presented the making of a movie with such an unfiltered access. The podcast going to do an outstanding job with Lucy.
  3. The third season of TCM’s podcast, The Plot Thickens, will be all about Lucy!
  4. Great news! I wish they used the spectacular artwork that was on the cover of the DVD, though.
  5. Lucie and best friend Sue Cameron try to save Palm Springs’ Purple Room.
  6. The AFI has created a Robert Osborne webpage that includes highlights of his TCM intros. https://www.afi.com/robert-osborne/
  7. That is its first on camera appearance. Lucy previously wore it to the Ethel Merman-Ernest Borgnine wedding. If that outfit could talk! Chris and Jerry were originally featured at the beginning before Mooney showed up, but were cut from the episode.
  8. The show was very similar to her mother’s Let’s Talk to Lucy. Carol Burnett was the second guest.
  9. Gary said at one of Lucy’s Sherwood Oaks seminars in 1977 that Lucy originally hated the script for this episode. He said he talked her into doing it and she ended up loving it. At Lucy’s 1984 Museum of Broadcasting seminar, she said she was the one who wanted a script in which she ordered Big Duke around.
  10. The only other one I’ve ever noticed is from another fifth season episode that is also in the public domain, “Lucy the Babysitter.” When the chimp plays the organ, the song was originally “Lullaby of Broadway.” It was replaced by a generic tune on the official DVD.
  11. The paralysis was psychosomatic and she was was cured with hypnotism.
  12. Miss Pat also did her act in the movie Divorce, American Style with Dick Van Dyke, Debbie Reynolds, and Van Johnson. It was filmed before her Lucy Show episode aired, but released after. Pat was also in a contestant on What’s My Line? in 1961. She said she got involved in hypnosis after suffering from hysterical paralysis.
  13. Lucie announces the birth of her newest grandson, George Henry Luckinbill, who was born today.
  14. https://www.today.com/video/lucille-ball-s-granddaughter-shares-memories-of-her-nana-108912709704
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