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  1. RetroTV isn't new. They've been around since 2005. And they used to have a lot more than just public domain titles. I think they've shown public domain episodes of The Lucy Show before.
  2. It was recently rediscovered and included on the Season 1 Blu-Ray.
  3. They were both about 3 hours or so. This was right after the writer's strike in 2008, during the first season of BBT and when Sheen was still on 2.5 Men.
  4. At least when I saw "The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" in person, the warm-up guy was moderately funny and they provided free pizza and bottled water at the halfway point of each show.
  5. As pointed out earlier in the thread (after the question I asked) the body of the show is the same no matter which version you select. It's only the openings, closings, and act segues that are different (and of marginally lower quality in the cases of the original broadcast and original rerun versions.)
  6. That's what I thought, and a great job to all involved.
  7. Here's a techinical question that I hope you'll be able to answer, TJW. Am I right that having different versions of the same episode on the same disc is accomplished by seamless branching? (In other words, the same episode isn't actually on the disc three times, but the player knows to jump around to get the right elements for the version you selected.)
  8. It seemed to me there was more commercial content in general during the first season (and that the episodes themselves were slightly shorter that season than they would be in later seasons.) There should be a few more flashback repeat versions in future seasons should there not (aired during the Hollywood trip)? I remember Nick at Nite inexplicably had a few of the flashback versions in their rotation. I have an off-air copy of their airing of the flashback version of "The Camping Trip" somewhere I think.
  9. Yes, I'd like to think CBS has a bit more class than that, even if the program is in the public domain.
  10. My set is waiting for me when I get home from work today... bought it Sunday night from that Target deal I posted and UPS dropped it off this morning. Cannot wait!
  11. Preface: I have no affiliation with Target. That said, as of this writing, Target has the set on their website on special sale for $59.99. Best price I've seen anywhere by far. (More than half off the manufacturer's suggested price.) http://www.target.com/p/i-love-lucy-the-complete-first-season-6-discs-blu-ray/-/A-15108703
  12. A program made up of edited interview segments from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson that airs on TCM from time to time.
  13. Ah, the CBS daytime repeats, complete with monochrome kaleidoscope opening.
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