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  1. Ricky was flabbergasted to learn that there's an X in the word "sperience"
  2. Lucy and Ricky sing "Under the Bamboo Tree" (in "The Benefit")
  3. My pleasure, guys! It took me a couple of days, but I finally got through all 200+ pages. It's such a treat.
  4. Hi everyone, The title of the thread says it all. I stumbled across a blog filled with spectacular photos and GIFs: http://heckyeahlucilleballilovelucy.tumblr.com/ I hope it isn't redundant. Enjoy! PS - Mods: I wasn't sure exactly where to post this; by all means feel free to move it as needed. Thanks!
  5. Trummelling - what you can't do without a zorch.
  6. Johnny Longdon's loving cup is no place for Little Ricky's turtle: "He can't put his turtle in that thin!"
  7. As well as the excellent examples mentioned, I love the audience reaction during the "Housewarming" ep. Ethel hastily throws together a surprise housewarming after she overhears disappointed Lucy crying over the intercom that they don't have any friends. Lucy and Ricky go to bed but are awakened by knocking on the front door. They shamble downstairs all disheveled and the audience just howls, you can hear one woman exclaim "OH MY". Love that. Then of course there's the longest laugh ever, following the tango scene in "Lucy Does the Tango". Hysterical.
  8. Teensy was one the twin daughters of the sheriff of Bent Fork, Tennessee ("Tennessee Bound"). Oh, and Ricky got a ticket for speeding.
  9. Grace Foster was going to "s"ettle in "S"teubenville with the milkman for his new milk route.
  10. Ricky: Please, Mr. Burglar, take our money, take our jewels, but don't take my wife's mink coat. It's worth $3500! Burglar: Hand over that coat, or I'll shoot! Lucy: WAIT A MINUTE!! (pulls coat up to her neck) Okay, go ahead and shoot!
  11. Schedule, what Ricky put Lucy on when he got sick and tired of her being late all the time. Lucy: "Ethel! Let's have those biscuits!"
  12. Yes! Genius. I love when Lucy calls Sylvia Collins. (Come to think of it, IMO all her bits involving telephone calls are brilliant.) While waiting for Sylvia to answer the phone, Lucy casually remarks to Ethel "You know, when I just think how I'm sticking my neck out for that bleached blonde in wolf's clothing, I - Sylvia, darling! How ARE you?!"
  13. Seconding the scenes mentioned - all terrific. I'll add a scene from "Redecorating". Lucy gets the two gossiping yackers off the phone to free up the party line because she's waiting for the home show to call and tell her she won the contest for the new furniture.
  14. Ethel (holding up pants): What are they? Lucy: They're hostess pants. You wear them when you give smart dinner parties. Ethel: Oh, I was wondering what to wear to all those smart dinner parties I give. Lucy: Well, I saw them last month in Harper's Bazaar. Ethel: Well, they're certainly bizarre! Lucy: Well, now wait a minute Ethel, look. You get yourself a little black, off the shoulder blouse, and a big crushy belt and little ballet slippers and you're all set. Ethel: What for, Halloween?!
  15. In Paris, Lucy tells the waiter "This food has SNAILS in it!"
  16. Fred: Now listen, Lucy, my blood pressure has better things to do than play "he loves me, he loves me not"! Lucy: Well, maybe someday, something really WILL happen to me, and then you'll be sorry! Fred: You wanna bet?!
  17. "S"ales resistance - if Lucy had any she wouldn't have bought a Handy Dandy kitchen helper and vacuum cleaner.
  18. Skunk, what Lucy insisted "her" fur coat was made of to discourage the burglar from stealing it. "Peeyou! Smells awful!"
  19. Lucy: These are baby chicks and the heat's up so high so that they won't freeze, we're dressed like this so we won't roast, and this is all going on cuz Little Ricky left the door to the den open and would you care for some lemonade.
  20. Ricky: You know, we didn't have the Gay Nineties in Cuba like you did over here. What were they like, Fred? Fred: I don't know. That was before my time. Ask Ethel!
  21. Real Gone With the Wind, the title of the book Lucy's working on In "Lucy Writes a Novel".
  22. Betty: I've loved parties since I was a little girl. Lucy: So have I! [to Ethel] So have you, haven't you, dear? Ethel: I haven't been to a party since I was a little girl.
  23. Along the same line: in The Black Eye, Ethel pumps Lucy for the "real" story behind the shiner. Lucy launches into a beaut of a description and along the way Ethel interjects with "-- and then he said he HATED you!" Lucy replies, "ok." lol
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