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  1. I just finished my watch of season 5 on DVD over the past week or so. Now I only have season 6 to go and I'm done with all the three shows without cuts. That'll be a sad day. Of course I still have Life with Lucy to watch one day when it becomes more easily available. So Lucy and the Efficiency Expert was an ok episode. Wikipedia calls it "Lucy and Phil Harris" but I'll go with the dvd box. (That's two now.) Substitute Secretary is my favorite of this season. Hmmm, I might call it my favorite of the final 3 seasons actually. The Viv visits Lucy episode is a ridiculous set up with them acting like they could get away with dressing and acting like hippies. They do such a rush job at the beginning of the episode. First it's "Lucy!" "Viv!" and then suddenly after a little bit Viv and Lucy are deciding they just have to make sure that so-and-so's son isn't mixed up with all those big bad hippies. What a vacation for Viv. And those outfits. And what a predictable ending with the "I'm really not a hippie, I swear. I'm a good boy unlike these no good kids here who don't properly respect their elders!" Lucy, the Baby Sitter has Mary Wickes in it. That's about all I have to say. Actually, I don't mind this episode but it's like Lucy just decided "hey, write an episode where I get to play with chimps" and the writers obliged. Oh, and I guess it's the first mention of the Unique Employment Agency. I assume Uncle Harry just hired this other woman to help him out that day. Now the Main Street episodes I've always mildly liked and I know the song by heart. Helps that it's played over and over again over the course of the two episodes. I forgot Dick Rowan was in this one. He'd just been in the Carol Burnett one in Palm Springs so I thought he was gonna show up as the same character but nope. And I double-checked at the end of the second one because I was wondering "what happened to Mooney?" Gale's in the front with Lucy at the beginning of the "show" and then just walks off with Lucy after a dance and then she returns to dance and he's never seen again though there's still a few minutes left of the show. Must've been trying to dart out early to beat LA traffic. I like Lucy Meets the Law. Mary Jane gets a couple great lines. "Whoever said women were the weaker sex never went shopping with us." And her delivery of "I've never seen that lady before in my life!" (Or something like that.) Love it. The mix-up with the littering and Lucy thinking that's why they were arresting her. The lady in the jail (Hard Head Hogan) with her is a riot. The line-up with a bunch of redheads. Yeah, I enjoy this episode a bunch for some reason. Lucy, the Fight Manager. Meh. I like that they named Don Rickles "Eddie Rickles". Kinda unique. Usually you keep the same first name of the guest star but they did the opposite. Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford is okay I guess. Lucy's dance at the hoedown is pretty similar to the one she dances in the 2nd Main Street episode. Sheldon Leonard episode is good. I like Mary Jane getting such a big part here. I think they made better use of her near the end of Here's Lucy, but at least she got this episode to play a more Viv like role. OK, onto season 6 though I might take a break.
  2. I finally got around to watching Lucy in London a few nights ago, so now I'm quickly going through the rest of my season 5 dvd that was sitting on the shelf for a while. Specifically so far, the two Carol Burnett episodes (I'd always assumed they cut out of syndication the line where Carol says she moved out but nope, looks like she's just a very quiet roommate for the rest of the series. Hah). And then the one where Lou C. is drafted (that poor haircut) and then the John Wayne one (one of my least favorite of season 5) and then Pat Collins (I enjoyed the beginning more where Lucy and Mary Jane were fake shopping so they get free food) and finally Mooney, the Monkey which is a lot more fun that I remember it. I must be so used to the "guy in a gorilla suit" thing now that I'm fine with it. The guy who played the monkey has a funny imdb page with the listings of him as various animals. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0698512/?ref_=tt_cl_t6 Incidentally, imdb calls the episode "Lucy and the Monkey" while the DVD calls it "Mooney, the Monkey." I prefer that title I guess. I'm looking forward to Substitute Secretary as that's my favorite of season 5.
  3. I love her bumblebees too. I just got around to watching this special. I'd been stuck on this special on my season 5 dvd for, oh, a few years now I guess. I wasn't looking forward to it since I'm not a big fan of this type of special, but I didn't want to skip it either. So I just delayed and delayed. Anyway, it was a lot better than I was expecting. Really enjoyed it. What a fool I was. Anyway, now I get to continue on with season 5 and my season 6 DVD which hadn't even been opened. I love looking for the parts that were clipped from the syndicated versions I've seen umpteen times.
  4. I just finally got through Lucy goes to London which I was not looking forward to watching so I delayed for a very long long long time (while watching reruns of old I love Lucy's and Lucy Shows on tv in the meantime). I know, I know, how dare I. But I'm so glad I now got through it. I was waiting until I did it for me to move along. Very anal-retentive of me. So just saw Lucy gets a Roomate. Carol is so over the top in it, I kinda want to have seen her in her earlier work. I love it. Lucy was very generous with not demanding the spotlight. "I'm a firm believer in drinking a lot of water." "Did you know that contrary to popular belief the first public library was not founded in Boston MA but in Peterbury NH?" ... "Why don't you sing a song?" ... "Can I have a little more of that Italian Water?" (throws the glass) "They call her hard-hearted Hannah..." The best thing for me, as a former "only syndication" fan, is to find out what got cut out. Obviously the biggest ever was the Danny Thomas show because I was always wondering why she got that job with Mooney, but it's more entertaining figuring it out on the other episodes where it's less obvious. I haven't figured it out for a few of them. "Roomate" I figured out. Mary Jane's good in this one (and several of her season 5-6 ones. I missed her a lot in the early Here's Lucy episodes.)
  5. Well, it's impossible for every episode to be my favorite. I just double-checked the list of season 4 episodes, and it is my 4th favorite of those. Lucy does look amazing in the episode I agree. I don't hate the episode. Just don't especially love it. I never read anything about the Lucy Show before watching it all in syndication years ago, and I had no idea what episodes were or weren't generally popular when I was developing my own opinions of everything. The Dean Martin one didn't really stand out to me. Just a better-than-average season 4 one. That's why I find it surprising that it's one of the more popular episodes. But to each his own.
  6. I don't get why I'm supposed to like Lucy Dates Dean Martin so much. I think it's one of the better ones of season 4 but it's not in my personal top 20 or 30 I'd bet for the Lucy Show. After I found out Lucy loved the episode I rewatched it with a fair mind and still don't get the adoration. It's okay but nothing special. I also don't think LA at Last was a stand-out episode. I like it well enough, but I prefer a few others from the California series more.
  7. Thanks for putting the Esther and Lucy picture up in the banner whomever! My mom loved Esther so I grew up watching the movies - I remember an August day in the late 80's when I was a young teenager watching something like 8 in a row (some sort of a marathon for her bday) on some tv channel (Did TCM exist then? Can't figure out what would've shown that if not. Maybe it was TNT or TBS or something. TCM doesn't sound right.) I'm not sure I'd have the stamina anymore to do that, but it's a great memory. My mom ended up getting a lot of her movies on VCR, and I got her TCM's DVD set for her birthday when that came out.ago. Since this is a Lucy page, I'll say that Easy to Wed's my #4 film of Esther's. Lucy's definitely a great presence in that film, and I think she looks awesome in that technicolor. Esther, I think, was still getting her feet wet in the acting world (if you'll pardon the pun), so I think Lucy's the one who lifted the movie up above a bunch of other movies where Esther did a superior job but the movie wasn't as overall entertaining.
  8. Finally posting after having read this site for years (off and on) just so I could rant about the season 4 episode I just watched: Lucy, the Choirmaster. (I'm finally getting around to watching season 4 on DVD [my least favorite season by far based on my memory] - owned it for quite a while now, but wanted to get through all of Here's Lucy, which I'd never seen, first). So, when I was watching it in syndication, I always loved the black kid rolling in with the second group of kids, and Lucy pointing at his skates and saying "Stanley, did you forget to take off your skates?", and then he says "I lost my skate key!" in this overexaggerated way with a big shrug, and then Lucy saying "oh, not again!", clapping her hands, and immediately switching to the next line. One of my favorite moments of season 4 for some reason. Anyway, I had no idea until now that the kid wasn't credited at all. They credited some kids with a lot smaller role. Just not right. He was a true star in his limited role. I would've loved to see that "So-and-so's appearance on 'Lucy, the Choirmaster' was his only known appearance on a Lucy show" or whatever they do with the people they can't figure out. So shame on you Lucy Show producers from the 60's who didn't give the kid his due! Boo! /endrant (Incidentally, I think it's criminal that Jerry has such a small role in this one - they could've just used him in place of the greasy Malcolm kid. What a sad way for Jerry to go. Upstaged by at least 2 of the "one-time-only" kids.)
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