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  1. My biggest concern is the research the actors did or did not do. I hope more was involved than primarily binging on ILL. Its the actors and production team time to do their jobs. We the public will do our jobs once it's released and judge for ourselves whether it's a hit or a turd. I hope it will be fantastic. Lucille and Desi deserve a well-acted and accurate portrayal especially after the previous attempts.
  2. The article is right, they are unrecognizable...if I said in what way, I'm afraid another post from Miss A. would result.
  3. "Lucy and John Wayne"- The cable channel INSP aired this last night as part of their month long tribute to John Wayne. Appropriately enough, it was on after "The War Wagon". They used the newest remastered print with the "jack in the box" opening and it looked great. However, it was timesped to the point of distraction.
  4. Nick at Nite was at its best in the early to mid 90s, in my opinion. They had a nice library of classic programs, creative promos, and imaginative marathons. My favorite Lucy marathon they ever did was when they had a weeklong event where they showed I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show, but also a couple episodes of Here's Lucy and the first episode of Life with Lucy, AND Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie! 25 years later and we could recreate that thanks to DVDs.
  5. It looks like a new book was just published called, "The Forgotten Desi and Lucy TV Projects: The Desilu Series and Specials That Might Have Been". https://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Desi-Lucy-TV-Projects/dp/1629335452/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=the+forgotten+desi+and+Lucy+tv+projects&qid=1585409857&sr=8-2
  6. The Amateur Hour- Haven't watched this one in awhile. Working with kids every day, I find Lucy's line delivery of "All right, sit down!" totally relatable! Ricky Loses His Voice- The musical performances in this one are among my favorite of the series.
  7. I came across this excerpt from an old trade publication called, "Television Digest with Electronics Report" from September 4, 1954: "Most comedy scenes have little to gain from color, according to Jess Oppenheimer, producer of "I Love Lucy", but he's considering filming in color selected scenes which he believes will clearly benefit in color, inserting them in black and white programs." This was the season CBS filmed one color episode of "Burns and Allen", "Jack Benny", and "Lassie". So it wouldn't seem to be a stretch to have a ratings champ like "Lucy" filmed in color. Although a complete episode rather than one scene would make more sense because of the wardrobe, lighting, makeup changes needed for the switch between b&w and color.
  8. Took advantage of some down time brought on by a snow/ice storm: "Lucy Buys a Sheep"- Love Lucy and Viv's little harmony while looking for Clementine. "Lucy is a Kangaroo for a Day"- This episode shows that Lucy really was a master of her props (water cooler, typewriter, etc...). Notice that partway through the scene of her dress unraveling, her wig has been removed. "Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna"- a true classic "Lucy's Electric Mattress"- My favorite episode of season one. Lucy and Viv were never better together and the kids got a decent amount of screentime. "Lucy and Viv are Volunteer Firemen"- My favorite of the Danfield Ladies Volunteer Dept. episodes. "Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower "- Never gets old. "Lucy Helps Ken Berry"- Picked an episode from season six that I hadn't watched in ages.
  9. I heard that Star Trek was a big expense for Desilu and that they warned Paramount about it. That might have been in the Desilu book. But I also read recently an interview Robert Osborne did with Lucy in the '70s and she said she wanted to hang onto Desilu until it became profitable again after which she would leave. She made it sound like the success of Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, etc...made that possible. I think Luvsbway posted this on Instagram.
  10. This is on my Christmas list now. But that picture...
  11. On the Home Theater Forum website someone posted that next week CBS will release the first season of "Miss Brooks" as a made on demand DVD set. See post #3577 https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/is-the-b-w-era-of-tv-on-dvd-slowly-coming-to-an-end.311401/page-179
  12. Nice article. LWL does seem like it would have fit better as part of a TGIF style block of programming. Nevertheless, glad it's finally out. Next I wonder if CBS will do a complete mega set of ILL, LDCH, TLS, and LWL?
  13. "Lucy's Impossible Mission"- Silly story, yet still an entertaining parody of "Mission Impossible". "Lucy the Fixer"- Not much plot, but some of the best work (in my opinion) Lucy and Gale ever did together.
  14. I remember around the time TVLand was getting started there was a commercial where a guy was saying shows that were coming soon to the network and Here's Lucy was one of them. Too bad it never aired. It would have been a good fit for the channel back then.
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