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Lucille Ball Specials - LUCY MOVES TO NBC


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This was a ninety minute special, not sixty like the norm, as it featured that horrid PILOT for the show with Donald O'connor and Gloria DeHaven.



Well, she thought he still had some "snap left in his bubblegum"! :rolleyes:


At least you get to see again the best part of the pilot, the cameo with Lucy as the tambourine toting old lady! ;)

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I've seen a syndicated copy of it with so-so, VCR-worn quality. I could tell there was a big chunk cut out in the middle, and it seemed to end abruptly, then I read about how they butchered it for reruns. It'll be nice to see the whole thing complete again!



That's an interesting avatar.....you know something we don't :lucythrill:

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