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Elizabeth II (She was seen by Ethel Mertz leaving the Palace, she requested to meet the lady who did the comical dancing, was expecting another command performance from Danny Kaye, was the subject of Lucy pondering what was going to be served for Phil, and tho' Phil Spector had no proof the story went that she broke down and cried when Lucy left London)

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In HONOR of his birthday:


Eddie Foy, Jr. b. 2/4/05 d. 7/15/83



Eddie Foy, Jr., Lucille Ball’s co-star, United Artists', Broadway Through a Keyhole, 1933; uncredited role, Moulin Rouge, 1934; Desi Arnaz’ co-star, RKO Radio’s, Four Jacks and a Jill, 1942; appears with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) and veteran supporting cast member (“I Love Lucy”), Florence Halop, in an unsold pilot, “Fit As A Fiddle”, about a dance academy, 1959; guest, Desilu Productions’, Fair Exchange, as Eddie Walker, unknown episodes, 1962; Glynis “Mr. Butterworth Does It Himself”, 1963; as well as My Living Doll “Comic Interference”, as Harry Moffatt, 1965; is born this date in 1905.


HAPPY 107TH, EDDIE!!!! Fondly, JK

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