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Lucy A - Z -- F!


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In honor of HIS birthday:


Frank Lovejoy b. 03/28/12 d. 10/02/62


Frank Lovejoy, The Adventures of McGraw fame, 1957-8; guest, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America “Chicago 2-1-2”, as Inspector Ed McCook, 1957; as well as Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Red Skelton Hour “Freddie's Hideout”, as Ace, a gangster, 1959, is born this date in 1912.

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Fred Ebb b. 04/08/28 d. 09/11/04



Fred Ebb, producer/writer; original music conceived by Cy Coleman, CBS’ Emmy-Award-winning Special, Lucille Ball, with Shirley MacLaine: Gypsy in My Soul, 1976; writer, “New York, New York”, with Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars, 1982; as well as with Lucie, The 63rd Annual Tony Awards, 2009, is born this date in 1928.

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can't remember - let's give this one a try:


Fred S. Fox b. 7/26/15

d. 10/23/05



Fred S. Fox, screen writer, Desilu Productions', Angel “Angel's Temper”, 1960; Lucille Ball guest, The Lucy Show “Lucy and the Starmaker”, 1967; Desi Arnaz Productions', The Mothers-In-Law, “How Do You Moonlight a Meatball?”, and “The Career Girls”, 1967, “Didn't You Use to Be Ozzie Snick?”, “Even Mothers-in-Law Have Mothers-in-Law”, “Love Thy Neighbor”, 1968; (“Here’s Lucy”), “A Date for Lucy”,“Lucy and the Generation Gap”, 1969, “Lucy and Harry’s Italian Bombshell”, 1971, and “Lucy and the Little Old Lady”, 1972, as well as “Lucy, The Sheriff”, 1974; is born this date in 1915.

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Last day for "f's":


Ralph Forbes b. 09/30/96 d. 03/31/51


Ralph Forbes, b. 9/30; Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, The Three Musketeers, 1935, Stage Door, 1937, and Annabel Takes A Tour, 1938, dies this date in 1951.



Fernando, that good for nothing worthless Cuban tobacco picker (Lucy Writes a Play)

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