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Lucy A - Z -- H!

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Earle Hagen b. 07/09/19 d. 05/26/08



Earle Hagen, composer, music, Desilu Productions', The Danny Thomas Show, 17 episodes, 1953-60; composer, theme music, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Real McCoys “Californy, Here We Come”, 1957; composer, theme music, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, 36 episodes, 1960-61; The Andy Griffith Show whistler, and writer, theme music, “The Fishin' Hole”, uncredited, 239 episodes, run of the show, 1960-68; composer, theme music, The Dick Van Dyke Show, 9 episodes, Desilu Studios'-filmed, 1961-63, 158 episodes, run of the show, 1961-66; composer, music, Desilu Productions', Vacation Playhouse “Mickey and the Contessa”, 1963; composer, theme music, Desilu Studios'-filmed, 1963, The Bill Dana Show, 42 episodes, run of show, 1963-65; composer, theme music, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Desilu Studios'-filmed, 1964, 150 episodes, run of the show, 1964-69; composer, theme music, I Spy, Desilu Studios'-filmed, 1965, 4 episodes, 48 episodes, run of the show, 1965-68; composer, theme music Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Guns of Will Sonnett, 50 episodes, 1967; composer, music, Make Room for Graddaddy, “Lucy Carter, Houseguest”, guest, Lucille Ball, 1971; as well as conductor, music, Desi Arnaz, IV, film, Having Babies, 1976, is born this date in 1919.

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Lola Hunt Mandicos b. 9/10/1897 d. 8/15/30



Lola Hunt Mandicos, (Lucille Ball’s cousin/‘sister’, Cleo’s mother), Lucille Ball’s mother, Desiree’s, sister, is born this date in 1897.


Harpo Marx, November 23, 1888 – September 28, 1964.

(Lucy tried to be his "mirror" in that famous episode of the same name.)

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Monty Hall b. 08/25/21 alive



Monty Hall, infamous game show Host; appears with Lucille Ball, All-Star Party for Carol Burnett, 1982; All-Star Party for Lucille Ball, 1984; with Lucille, Hostess, All-Star Party for Clint Eastwood, 1986; as well as with Desi Arnaz and Lucille, via archival footage, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's, 1997, is born this date in 1921.

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