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Lucy A - Z -- H!

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On the occasion of HIS birthday:


Dwayne Hickman b. 05/18/34 alive



Dwayne Hickman, of Dobie Gillis fame, appears with Lucille Ball, Her Husband's Affairs, 1947; guest, Desilu Productions', The Greatest Show on Earth “Rosetta”, 1964, Vacation Playhouse “Hey, Teacher”, 1964, and “You're Only Young Twice”, 1967; as well as with Lucille, via archival footage, You Know the Face, 2009, is born this date in 1934.

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On the day he passed away:


Henry Morgan, b. 03/31/15 d. 05/19/94



Henry Morgan, b. 3/31; guest, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America “Duel at the O.K. Corral”, 1954; panelist of (“I've Got A Secret”), 1952-1976, 216 episodes, as well as panelist, 1972, 1976; (“What's My Line?”), 1956-1967, 8 episodes, as well as 4 episodes, 1971-72, fame, on each of which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz have appeared at one time or another; dies this date in 1994.

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In HONOR of HIS birthday:


Jerry Hausner b. 5/20/09 d. 4/1/93



Jerry Hausner, veteran supporting cast member, 14 episodes, (“I Love Lucy”: The Very First Show) (pilot); (“I Love Lucy”), “Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her”, 1951; “Lucy Does a TV Commercial”, “Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song”, 1952; “Ricky has Labor Pains”, “The Club Election”, “No Children Allowed”, “Lucy Hires a Maid”, “The Indian Show”, “Lucy’s Last Birthday”, “The Camping Trip”, “Changing the Boys’ Wardrobe”, and “Ricky’s Old Girlfriend”, 1953; and “Fan Magazine”, 1954; guest, Desilu Productions', Our Miss Brooks “The Big Jump”, 1955; guest, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Dick Van Dyke Show, 5 episodes, 1962-63; guest, Desi Arnaz Productions', The Mothers-In-Law “The Kids Move Out”, 1968; as well as Lucille's guest, (“Here's Lucy”), “Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance”, 1973; is born this date in 1909.

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Home on the Range (Where the deer and the antelope plaYODELYODELYODEL...also a Disney movie featuring the vocal stylings of one Carole Cook)


Very good, B, for making the Lucy/Carole connection in a cute but little seen Disney-animated recent film. Funny it didn't do well given the voice talent involved...not to mention songs by such talents as k.d. lang and Bonnie Raitt. lucyshock.JPG

I guess it goes without saying that Roseanne was perfectly cast as a cow! marionstrong.gif

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Harry Hickox

The sergeant in "Lucy Gets Caught in a Draft" one of the better 5th season episodes, though a bit reminiscent of "Jerry's Military School" and the second time that season Lucy's in military drag.


"Well, Carmichael I can't say I'm sorry to see you go but at least there's one consolation. I can't possibly be saddled with a bigger knucklehead!"---enter Jim Nabors.

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