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Lucy Related Trivia


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What controversial person in the news today appeared in one of Lucy's films?


b. 8/13/26

Fidel Castro, sometime actor, appearing in a poolside scene, uncredited, with Lucille Ball, MGM's, Easy To Wed, a Technicolor re-make of a black and white 1936 film, Libeled Lady, 1946; is born this date in 1926.

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Which show or movie does Lucy do that AWWWWWWWWWWW, THE BAY YA BY? She is either looking and talking to a small baby, human or animal I dun't remember, but I keep hearing her say that and cannot for the life of me remember what it was from.


Lucy says it to the fox in Mame.

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Lucy trivia for this date 7/16:

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “At this time, Lucille Ball won’t be able to accept those Broadway offers for the fall. She was supposed to go back in August; but, RKO is now making a color-test series of its blonde discovery. If successful, rumor says a loan-out to another studio is in the offing,” published this date in 1936.


Lucille Ball appears, uncredited, as Mary, in RKO'-Radio film, Swing It, starring Louis Prima and Band, released in 1936.


Lucille Ball appears on the cover of TV Guide published for this week in 1960.


Fondly, the keeper of the dates....JK

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Trivia for 7/21/13:



The “Loving Lucy ‘96” Convention, the first annual gathering of Lucille Ball fans, by Lucille fans, comes to the Burbank Hilton and Convention Center, Burbank, California, the final day, with ‘wind-down’ activities; judged by nearly everyone in attendance a grand success, this date in 1996.

LA Times, Jeff Brazil & Sharon Morser: They Love Lucy at First Convention - “A Lucyfest auction will be part of the ‘Loving Lucy’ Convention in California,” is published this date in 1996.


[since I know little about these conventions, perhaps some of the knowledgeable folks on this wonderful Lounge can remember - were the Jamestown (Arts Council) and the Burbank conventions held on each coast as far back as 1996? Perhaps, the Ellen DeGeneres p.r. being put out 'here' could be her appearance there???? ANYONE?]

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I was going to ask in what show Lucy is signalling with her head and face that someone should DO something, one of her all time best BITS, but now I just remembered it was the one where Ricky's being a pompous ass to make her stop treating him like Royalty since they came back from Hollywood and she's typing as well as shining his shoes and answering the phone. She signals for him to answer the phone as she is multitasking.

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Lucy trivia for 7/22:



Hollywood Citizen News, Film Flam with Sidney Skolsky, Watching Them Make Pictures: “Stage Door is fascinating to watch being manufactured – Lucille Ball, one of the gals at the Footlight Club, has fumbled her lines,” published this date in 1937.


Columbia, (Hollywood Preview) - Her Husband’s Affairs: “Lucille Ball is in one of the wildest, merriest farces to come to the screen in many moons. Lucille has a field day in one of the starring roles,” published this date in 1947.


Lucille Ball makes a studio guest appearance in LA, The George Putnam Radio Show, this date in 1978.


Desert Sun (Palm Springs): “Lucy’s Stamp Unveiled,” published this date in 2001.


VH1 chooses Lucy as the 4th top pop icon of all time this date in 2003.

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