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Elliott Lewis

b. 11/28/17 d. 5/23/90



Elliott Lewis,

producer/director; husband, Lucy veteran supporting cast member, Mary Jane Croft; first made his mark as an actor, producer and director on radio in the last 30's; host - CBS' Suspense Radio Drama - Executive Producer. 946 episodes - 6/17/42-9/30/62; moving into television in the 50's, radio remained his first love and he continued to direct the occasional radio play well into the 1970's; Producer, Desilu Productions', The Lucy Show “Lucy Waits Up For Chris”, 1962; “Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower”, and “Lucy's Barbershop Quartet”, 1963; as well as Producer Desilu Productions', Vacation Playhouse “The Two of Us” (an 'unsold' CBS sitcom), 1966, and The Mothers-In-Law, as producer, “Everybody Wants to Be a Writer”, 1967, and director, 35 episodes 1967-69; is born this date in 1917.

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On the occasion of HIS birthday [ed. AND my son, Reid, 48]:


Robert P. Lieb b. 09/15/14 d. 09/28/02


Robert P. Lieb. actor, 77 films, guest, Desilu Productions', The Californians “The Inner Circle”, 1958; William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), co-star, Desilu Studios'-filmed, My Three Sons “The Elopement”, 1960, “Man in a Trenchcoat”, and “The Sunday Drive”, 1961; Desilu Productions', My Living Doll “Rhoda's First Date”, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Bing Crosby Show “Janice and Me on a Saturday”, and My Favorite Martian “Going, Going, Gone”, 1964; as well as Lucille Ball co-star, United Artists’ and Desilu Productions’, Yours, Mine, and Ours, as Happy San Franciscan, 1968; is born this date in 1914.

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On the occasion of HIS birthday:


Jack Mullaney b. 09/18/29 d. 06/27/82



Jack Mullaney, actor, 48 films; guest, Desilu Productions' The Ann Sothern Show “The Lucy Story”, 1959; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Barbara Stanwyck Show “House in Order”, 1960, guest, The Joey Bishop Show “Barney, The Bloodhound”, 1961; as well as star, My Living Doll, 6 episodes, as Peter Robinson, 1964-65, is born this date in 1929.

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On the occasion of HER birthday:


Elvia Allman

b. 09/19/04 d. 03/06/92



Elvia Allman, actress, 95 films; appears on radio, with Lucille Ball, NBC's, The Abbott and Costello Show, “Abbott and Costello Meet Bugs Bunny and Lucille Ball,” 1943; guest, Lucille & Richard Denning, CBS' Radio, My Favorite Husband, 1948-1950; veteran supporting cast member, (“I Love Lucy”) “Job Switching”, 1952; “Fan Magazine”, 1954; “The Homecoming”, 1955; guest, Desilu Productions’, Our Miss Brooks “The Festival”, 1953; December Bride “Lily is Bored”, 1954, “The Homecoming Show”, and “Kissing Booth”, 1957, and “Wedding Float”, 1958; The Ann Sothern Show “The Bridal Suite”, 1958; The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour “The Celebrity Next Door”, 1957 and “Milton Berle Hides at the Ricardos”, 1959; as well as Lucille's guest, The Lucy Show “Lucy Bags a Bargain”, 1966 and “Lucy the Babysitter, 1967, is born this date in 1904.

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In memory of:


Leo White, actor, 439 films, Desi Arnaz' co-star, Four Jacks and a Jill, as perfumer, uncredited, and William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) co-star, Gentleman Jim, as headwaiter, uncredited, 1942; as well as with Frawley, Lady on a Train, as Man at Newsreel Theater, uncredited, 1945; is born this date in 1873.


and who dies on this date (9/20) in 1948.


Leo White,

b. 11/10/73 d. 09/20/48

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In honor of THEIR BIRTHDAY this date:


Larry Hagman b. 09/21/31 alive


Larry Hagman, actor, 103 films; of Dallas fame, 356 episodes, 1978-91, and I Dream of Jeannie fame, 139 episodes, 1965-70; appears with Desi Arnaz, IV, Salute to Oscar Hammerstein II, 1972; Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) co-star, Getting Away From It All, 1972; with Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars, 1982, as well as CBS at 75, 2003, is born this date in 1931;


as well as


Lee Kellogg

b. 9/21/32 d. ll/8/95.

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