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Happy Birthday, Carole Cook!

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1 hour ago, Neil said:

To keep the housebound Troupes entertained, I've been putting together Carole Cook videos and posting them to her Facebook fan page.  That first season of The Lucy Show was at its absolute best when the Danfield volunteers would get together.   There was no other show on the air doing this type of comedy.  

I was thinking: was there any other series like this period of The Lucy Show?  Where the focus was on the antics of women in their 40s?  (Yes, I know Lucy and Viv were both in their 50s but the characters were 40-ish.)  And without their age being the focus of the comedy.    I'm not counting Golden Girls because they're a generation older.  Nor do I count Laverne in Shirley who were portrayed as in their 30s, I think.   Am I forgetting one?  (No doubt with the way shows come and go these days, SOMEBODY has tried the concept in recent years.)

Kate & Allie seems to have an identical premise to TLS, although I think those ladies were younger; I haven't seen more than a handful of episodes. Chuck Lorre's very successful Mom has an almost entirely female ensemble that I think spans between 30s and 60s, and from what I've seen that show has very "big" humor like Lucy's shows. If we're just considering shows that focus on "antics of women in their 40s" without consideration for genre, I'll throw Cagney & Lacey into the ring! 

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58 minutes ago, Luvsbway said:

Watching Broadway Beyond The Golden Age, a Carole story I never heard. Ethel Merman was Tom's date to the show opening night. After the announcement of Gower Champion's death and the curtain coming down, Ethel turns to Tom and says, "if you gotta go that's the way to go."

After waiting so many years, it was great to finally see this film released. I was thrilled Carole got so much screen time. 

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