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The Official LUCY ON BLU-RAY Thread!


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List of extras:




Yesterday we reported that the street date for Paramount Home Entertainment's upcoming Blu-ray release of I Love Lucy - The Ultimate Season 1 had been moved to May 6th. Previous to that we had a story back in December with an early list of bonus material for that title. Now the studio has distributed a more complete list of extras for this item, and we've got that for you today!

  • 1951 Promo (SD)
  • Audio Commentary (from Criterion Collection)
  • Bloopers/Flubs
  • Clowning Around
  • Featurette: Before and After (Restoration Demo)
  • Featurette: Behind The Scenes (Audio Book featurette) (Audio only)
  • Featurette: Fancy Editing
  • Featurette: Guest Cast Profiles List/Bios
  • Featurette: I Love Lucy Costume & Makeup Tests
  • Featurette: On-Set Color Home Movies
  • Featurette: Special Slide Shows (Audio & Photos)
  • Featurette: Sponsor Talent
  • Featurette: Take A Bow
  • I Love Lucy: The Very First Show (1990 Network Special)
  • I Love Lucy: The Very First Show (Outtakes)
  • Interview: Meet Marc Daniels
  • Lucy On The Radio (My Favorite Husband Radio Broadcasts) (Audio only)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Notes
  • The Sunday Lucy Show (SD)
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Hello everyone... Just catching up with things after a rather hectic week...

Am a little concerned because the "inventory list" that was quoted on TVShowsonDVD makes a couple of semantic mistakes...


Basically, it classifies nearly everything as "featurette" (as opposed to a "Special Feature"), and the term "featurette" normally means a video item... Things like the slide shows, photo galleries, guest cast bios, sponsor talent bios, the "Meet Marc Daniels" item, and "take a bow" are static information menus (much like we used on THE LUCY SHOW sets) not video featurettes...


We are retaining almost everything that was included on Gregg's DVD sets, but adding a few goodies as well...


The Criterion audio recordings ARE a real treat.  I own the original LaserDisc but seldom ever play it because my LaserDisc player is not perpetually attached to my current TV, and it is a bother to disconnect other things and connect it up just to play one thing.... I am very happy as both a producer and a consumer to have this material available in a format I can easily use!  There were 2 hours of audio material included on the LaserDisc. We are using 90 minutes of it on Season One, and saving the last 30 minutes for use on Season 2.


All in all, I think it is a fun set!

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