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The New Favourite Lucy Photos Thread (Vol. 4)


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So, which came first -- the chicken or the egg? We all know the story Viv and Lucy told about being ambushed at Roxbury by people filing through the house as they gave themselves new hairdos and, at the end, it turned out to be the King of Siam...


Well, here's Lucy and Bob Hope with said King -- and Queen Sirikit, both of whom are still reining over in Thailand. Were Lucy and Viv colouring things just a little bit? Did Lucy forget that shortly after this picture was taken, she invited them over for a coffee? Was King Bhumibol so impressed with Lucy he decided to crash The Facts of Life set after crashing Roxbury? Hmm... !





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Remember Zsa Zsa's facial spression when she heard Lucy tell the story on Dinah.  I've always been skeptical of that one, like they didn't recognize her when touring the house, did they think the two were maids?

Yes, apparently they thought they were the help. They were dressed down, probably no makeup, just hanging out. I could see some foreigner thinking they weren't Lucy and Viv, TV Stars.

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