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Lucie in "A Bouquet From Maurice Chevalier" (1960)

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Eight-and-half-year-old Lucie Arnaz makes her television speaking debut in the 1960 TV special "A Bouquet From Maurice Chevalier." She is joined by the daughters of Jack Paar and Barbara Britton and Joan Crawford's ""twins.""



Another sequence from the show has Maurice and the girls performing "I Remember It Well." It's clear that Lucie would be the one to go on to have a successful show biz career.

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Such a cute show.  It's so refreshing for a show to have no audience and not pretend and CAN (in most cases OVER-can) an audience response.  I like it better this way.  I miss this kind of television.   I didn't realize Chevalier was such a big movie star in the 30s (making the top 10 box office draws for several years).  He certainly had a winning charm. And showmanship.  The fact that he wasn't much of a singer didn't matter.  The same can be said for Marlene Deitrich.  

And now that I think of it, isn't Chevalier an ODD choice for a guest star in an episode in which "Lucy Goes to Mexico"?

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