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Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos


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He didn't buy that place until 59' and this looks like 53'. Is it one of the other buildings at the ranch?


I always thought it was Palm Springs but was that built by 53', although I do think that fireplace was white.

It does have sort of a "vacation home" feel to it's look but if it is indeed Palm Springs it's odd to me then that it's got such a huge fireplace because believe me, after living here for over a year now there's certainly -- except for a few weeks or so about now in winter -- no sensible reason to have one, it'd rarely get used! :blink:


Now I really wanna know where this took place!! :vanda:

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From Wikipedia, so take it all with a grain of salt:



Minnelli has been married (and divorced) four times.


Her first marriage was to entertainer Peter Allen on March 3, 1967.[26] Australian-born Allen was Judy Garland's protégé in the mid-1960s.[27] They divorced on July 24, 1974.[28] Minnelli told The Advocate's Editor In Chief, Judy Wieder in September 1996, "I married Peter and he didn't tell me he was gay. Everyone knew but me. And I found out...well, let me put it this way: I'll never surprise anybody coming home as long as I live. I call first!" [29]


Later that year, she married Jack Haley, Jr., a producer and director, on September 15, 1974.[30] His father, Jack Haley, was Garland's co-star in The Wizard of Oz. They divorced in April 1979.[31]


Then, Minnelli was married to Mark Gero, a sculptor and stage manager, from December 4, 1979 until their divorce in January 1992.[32]


After that she was married to David Gest, a concert promoter, from March 16, 2002, until they divorced in April 2007. (They separated in July 2003).[33][34] In a 2003 lawsuit, Gest alleged that Minnelli beat him in alcohol induced rages during their marriage.[35] Minnelli's attorneys said Gest tried to isolate the singer from her three siblings - Christiane Minnelli, Lorna and Joey Luft.


Minnelli also had relationships with Rock Brynner, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Peter Sellers, and Martin Scorsese.[36][37



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