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Name That Lucy Series Actor! (or Character!)

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What, you want another hint? :marionstrong: Or has this game just run its course for a while? :professor:


I'm giving it away by telling you that the golf course object has wheels ...


PS - There are still bonus points waiting to be claimed :lucythrill: in the Word Relation Game thread a few threads below this one. :lucy1:

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OK, Brock :)


From your clues I guessed the answer might be in the Hollywood Anniversary episode, because you said the actor did not actually appear on the show but was only mentioned. I perked up my ears when the list of supposed party guests was read, but didn't hear any names that seemed to fit.


After that I got caught up enjoying several of my favorite Hollywood episodes :D , trying to remember to listen closely to any names that were mentioned.


I'm officially crying Uncle. Since no one else has guessed it either, could you please post which episode it was? I'll watch that one & post back -- hopefully with a correct answer, heehee! :peachonthebeach:

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