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I'm confused. Is she pretending to be Liza Minelli? If not, has she forgotten the words and is just making words up on the spot? Is it suppossed to be a joke or is it serious?


p.s - This doesn't make me Summer, it makes my Winter! LOL!

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People who knew the lyrics to a song they are singing professionally less than Les(-lie Uggams, that is)


1. The left-most two of the "6 Barefeet". Song: "Wingding" (although the "Torchbearer" on the end isn't much better)

2. Hazel Pierce. Song: "Hello, Hello, Hello(We Hope You Like Our Show)"....Hazel, you had all week to learn some pretty simple lyrics and you BLEW your big chance.

3. Lucy Ricardo: "We are the Troops of the King"

4. John Bubbles: "Mainstreet USA"


You have to give Leslie credit though....She's obviously drawing a complete blank and it's live and she is RHYMING which can't be easy on the fly.

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In our original thread last year, I referred to what she was doing as "scatting". She did a fairly good job of it (getting through) but I see some slightly amused/bemused audience members there! :marionstrong: My question is...what happened to such a great performer's memory on that day? It'll remain a mystery!

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Scat singing is vocal improvisation using wordless vocables, nonsense syllables or without words at all. Scat singing gives the vocalist the ability to sing improvised melodies and rhythms to create the equivalent of an instrumental solo.

Listen to Ella Fitzgerald to get an appreciation of this vocal skill.



I had a theory she was kinda "scatting" but on closer inpection...no..she just forgot the dang words! :marionstrong:

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As per Lounge tradition, Happy First of Joan, everyone!





And as a special treat, the Patron of First of Joan has busted out a special -- and questionable* -- explanation:



*I don't see any cue card guy casualties in her path...

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