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Lucille Ball Comic Book -- AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!


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Here's a new promo for the comic book:




Also... I have a sneaking suspicioun they chose the wrong Jamestown for their illustration. :lucythrill:


Indeed! :marionstrong: :marionstrong: :marionstrong:


The part where Lucy's head looked like it was split and moving in two different directions was a little odd! What's with the creepy "Fun House" music?

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I loved the reprints of the old daily comic strip in comic book form by Eternity Comics in the early 1990's, I wish someone would reprint them all in a single book form and also do likewise to the color LUCY comic books of the 50s/60s. The daily strip art of Lucy Ricardo if very well done although Ricky is pretty much drawn as a generic brunette male and Fred a generic fat guy. Ethel curiously looks more like Pat Carroll than Vivian Vance however the strips are pretty funny at times and seems appropiately I Love Lucyish.

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It seems a new Kindle edition of the comic book has been published with much better cover art:




now I dont understand this...I really dont. Its a nice cover, but...it isn't staying truthful to Lucys features, which the artist HAS to capture in order to get the essence of the face, EVEN IN Cartoon/ graphic illustrative form. Her eye is cut off and her lips are miss shaped. I think its a nice interoperation of the picture, but isn't something that should represent her instantly identifiable look.  Its NIC, don't get me wrong but..

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