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  2. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    This long hair was my absolute favorite hair ever she had. It's hard to grown hair that looks that great.
  3. A Lucille Ball Special: "Lucy Gets Lucky" got 18.1 rating and 30 % share. It sounds like it won its timeslot
  4. So, this article claims that NC real estate agent David Cook once worked with Lucy. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/07/17/st-jude-dream-home-spotlighting-indian-trail/ Now, I don't put all that much stock in an article that refers to "Barbara Eaton" and "Marlow Thomas" but does anyone have any idea where this chap and LB may have crossed paths?
  5. Last week
  6. As a English-2nd-language guy once said to me "That's HIGHLY ARIOUS!" Other cute things he said: He forgot some detail on a project and said "Sorry. That fell through my crack." Meant to call someone a habitual liar but said "he's an obituary liar"; also said this guy was "BOlivious" when he meant oblivious. I've repeated bolivious so much that to this day I have to stop before I say oblivious to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly.
  7. Heck, if they were available, I’d wear the damn Hostess Pants. Alternate Idea: Potato sack, Afro wig, and vampire dentures. Available at your nearest Phipp’s.
  8. I Love Lucy clothing line in the works

    I hope hostess pants are part of the line up. Gals need something to wear for all those smart dinner parties they throw!
  9. That news item did say it was a 12 piece collection. Based on other collections I've seen Unique Vintage do, part of the line is accessories. So maybe they'll throw a bone to the guys and do a necktie. I've noticed that sometimes those ties have a little DA one and it's just another thing I look for while watching.
  10. I'd love some Desi-inspired neckties.
  11. I Love Lucy clothing line in the works

    A Desi smoking jacket would be a nice addition. How nice to see some of the more fashionable costumes becoming actual outfits! I don't know the exact style or way to describe it, but Lucy wore a white dress with a floral design on the upper portion in many of the Hollywood episodes. That'd be beautiful.
  12. Decades Lucy Shows this morning "Choirmaster" and "Discovers Wayne Newton". There's something different about 4th season Lucy Carmichael. For one thing: IMO she looks better than in any other TLS season and her voice still has that ingenue-lilt. There's a sweetness and vulnerability about her that's absent from much of the 3rd season. Those inexperienced Lucy writers tended to mine the bossy side of her character for comedy--not realizing that for Lucy to be lovable, her character has to be balanced with heart. There were some writer hold-overs from 3rd season but the new 4th season crop brought a fresh angle to Lucy's character. (And yes, I'm fully aware of the handful of 4th season duffers). She's particularly appealing in "Choirmaster", a little sad being alone at Christmas ---even though Jimmy/Jerry makes an unexpected, unexplained appearance. "This year I'm only buying presents for the children" (Chris: "That's us...."). Under the category of "it's the little things she does", two moments stand out. After the boys flub the lyrics, she apologizes to the audience and poses to start conducting, but then turns to the audience one more time to apologize again. ("Do forgive us...."). Then earlier when they're rehearsing, she's making sure they're all there and says with seriousness "Will any boy who is not here please raise his hand?" and she's got her finger up ready to count them. Again, little moments but they go a long way adding appeal to the character of Lucy. (something later shows didn't always project). 1965-66 would have been the height of her Desilu presidential duties, but she knows the scripts---no cue card eye-darting that I could see. Amazing that in 3 short years, The Lucy Show went from a cast of seven (if you count Barnsdahl and Harry) to a cast of TWO (if you don't count Mary Jane's sporadic appearances).
  13. I bet I look lousy in a dress- hopefully they put out a line of Fred Mertz trousers that I can wear all the way up to my chin- they’d go perfect with a Golden Gloves 1909 sweater
  14. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    Earlier in this thread, Lucie is quoted as calling Closer a rag sheet. I guess she feels better about it, since she gave them an interview.
  15. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    Ah, yes. I feel fine.
  16. Vintage clothing is hot right now and especially pop culture lines. Torrid/Hot Topic does tons, Unique Vintage as I said and a few lines from the UK. I'm hoping they can get some "well known" Lucy related person to model this line. These will be more than just costumes but actually clothing you can wear for day and night. Well at least I will since hats, swing dresses and petticoats are part of my normal dress rotation.
  17. I Love Lucy clothing line in the works

    Lucie and Lucy wanted to do a line of I Love Lucy inspired clothes in the ‘80s, but couldn’t get any company interested. The companies wanted to do the costumes and not the regular Lucy Ricardo clothes. I’m glad their vision is finally happening.
  18. Oh it's from Unique Vintage. Awesome!!! I have some stuff from them. They have really been getting into pop culture lines recently. They've done 2 Barbie lines. They also have some great social media presence and respected well in the vintage community. They are also size inclusive so us big girls will be able to buy this too.
  19. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    In that episode, Jim and Dorothy sent Ricky flowers after Lucy told them he was sick.
  20. A new line of clothes “inspired” by I Love Lucy is in the works: https://www.licenseglobal.com/apparel-accessories/unique-vintage-partners-i-love-lucy-apparel There are some fantastic choices here! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
  21. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    Weren't they the couple also getting a divorce in Lucy Tells The Truth?
  22. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    I wonder how the real Jim and Dorothy felt about TV Jim giving Dorothy a black eye.
  23. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    I agree, it got really trashy for awhile and they recycled a headline and picture for one cover.
  24. I recall the names Jim and Dorothy Wynne being used in 2 episodes of I Love Lucy. I have learned that these were real people. But until recently I thought these were Hollywood friends of Lucy's. Does anyone know who these people were because I'm finding reference that Marion Strong and Dorothy seemed to know each other somehow? But Dorothy's name never comes up in anything Jamestown related.

    So sad. He was an okay petunia.
  26. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    I hope this is a sign that Closer's quality is on an upswing again!
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