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Lucie in Jerry Herman Benefit Show

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Neil    1,345

I think this was mid-80s but am not sure.  Among the other woman in the ensemble piece are Mary Jo Catlett and Betty Garrett.  That number is from "Dear World" (with Dolly's "Elegance" woven in), Jerry's first flop but my favorite of his scores.  "Dear World" had a relatively short run but during that time, Jerry had 3 shows on Broadway simultaneously, the other two being of course "Mame" and "Hello Dolly"


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JoeySoCal    1,008

And here's Betty Garrett's number from the show:


With both Mary Jo Catlett and Betty Garrett involved, these clips are more than likely from the annual S.T.A.G.E. benefit held here in LA for various AIDS charities.  (This year's show is happening later in the year than usual and at a new venue.)


It's a great show that is not only for a good cause(es), it always gathers great entertainers -- many of whom are of a "certain age" and are not offered many opportunities anymore to perform, particularly in this vein, in a live stage show.  It also has been a great showcase for younger performers who either have never performed on stage before or are primarily known for their acting role(s) rather than being musical stage performers.  (Many of these shows have also had their soundtracks recorded and released on CD, also for charity.)


Glad these clips are popping up on YouTube.  The shows have been taped for years but it seems only for archival purpose as unlike the Paley Center events, for comparison, where they've been readily available on not only the Paley website, but Amazon and other venues as well as far as I know.


For more information on this WUNDAFUL charitable annual event, check out this site:


CDs, merchandise etc.:



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